Keeping Pests Out of Your Hudson, NY Home This Spring

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If you live in Columbia Country, you know that springtime means lots of new pests coming out of the woodwork. Luckily, you don’t have to fight them alone. At Thomas Pest Services, we offer a number of pest control and management services that are catered to protect homes in Hudson, New York, and the surrounding area. Whether you’re dealing with bed bugs, termites, bats, mosquitos, ticks, or any other type of pest, we have you covered. Here’s how.


Home Pest Control in Hudson, NY 

To protect homes from multiple common household pests at once, Thomas Pest Services offers what we call the Complete Care Plan. This plan was developed with an eye on broad protection that protects homes from the following pests: 



Bed Bug Control in Hudson, NY 

Bed bugs are a nuisance that affects millions of people each year in the United States alone. They are the cause of itchy bites and can be destructive to your peace of mind. Here’s how we combat them for Hudson residents: 


  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments- Though bed bugs have adapted to traditional bed bug control methods, these biting insects cannot survive in temperatures of 120 degrees or more. At Thomas Pest Services, we eliminate all stages of bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs with eco-friendly bed bug heat treatments. This method of bed bug extermination can be completed quickly and it successfully kills bed bugs in single-family homes, apartment units, hotels, and other commercial facilities.

  • Bed Bug Response Plans- Bed bugs can put you out of business. If your hotel or commercial building has a reputation for bed bugs, the news will spread like wildfire. Thomas Pest Services will develop a customized bed bug response plan to ensure a prompt resolution to your bed bug infestation.

  • Mattress Encasements- Special mattress encasements aid in proactive detection and salvage of infested mattresses. In addition, mattress encasements prevent bed bugs from infesting the mattress.

  • Climbup® Insect Interceptors- Insect interceptors are great devices for the capture of bed bugs trying to infest beds and furniture. These devices are placed on the base of furniture to serve as a detection tool to monitor infestations. Bed bugs are caught when trying to gain access to your furniture.


Termite Control in Hudson, NY 

Termites cost homeowners millions of dollars every single year, causing expensive structural damage to structures. We help prevent and eliminate these destructive pests for folks in Hudson and the surrounding areas in Columbia County. Here’s how


  1. Perform a thorough termite inspection- We examine your home or business inside and out and recommend a solution to your termite problem.

  2. Install and maintain the Sentricon® termite colony system- Our pest professionals will install our termite elimination system which contains bait to control and monitor subterranean termites in your structure. Termites will quickly discover the bait stations and begin feeding immediately. Once the bait is ingested, termites cannot reproduce which halts the growth of their colony. This termite control method not only kills foraging termites, it eliminates the entire colony, while protecting your structure from termite damage.

  3. Provide ongoing monitoring for termite activity- We’ll visit regularly and take a proactive approach to detecting termites with the Hex-Pro™ System. Hex-Pro™ is a pesticide-free termite monitoring solution.


Wildlife Removal in Hudson, NY 

So far we’ve been focusing on our different types of insect control, but have no fear: we offer removal service for nuisance wildlife as well. Our wildlife removal services are done safely and humanely; here’s a little bit about what that process looks like: 


  1. Inspection. After a thorough inspection and analysis, we determine the following: What is that noise? Where is it living? How is it gaining entry? What can be done? How can we prevent this from reoccurring?

  2. Removal. We will rid your home of animals that have taken refuge in your attic, crawlspace, chimney flue or have found their way inside your walls or under your home. Using industry-accepted wildlife trapping and removal methods that are practical, humane, and legal. Our paramount goal is to safely capture the critters while minimizing any distress and further damage by utilizing traps, placing deterrents, or by exclusion.

  3. Damage Repair. Once removed, we will property identify where wildlife is gaining entry and develop custom-tailored plan to prevent a future problem. Thomas Pest Services also has the ability to clean, sanitize the area consisting of droppings, urine, nesting, and feed sites.

Critters covered by our wildlife removal services include: 

Mosquito & Tick Control in Hudson, NY 


Mosquitoes & ticks are more than just a simple nuisance: their bites can cause diseases like West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease. Thomas Pest has a solution-based treatment: 

  1. Identify areas of your property where ticks and mosquitoes can thrive.

  2. Recommend methods to eliminate conditions conducive to mosquitoes and ticks. This may include In2Care® mosquito traps and/or Tick Box Tick Control systems

  3. Treat shrubbery, structures, plants, and other prone harborage sites on your property with an organic product.

  4. Offer ongoing treatment services while these pests are a problem.


Learn More About our Hudson, NY Pest Control Services


Want to learn more about all the pest control services that we offer in Columbia county? Explore our homepage or check out our blog. And if you’re dealing with a pest problem in Hudson, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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