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Why Ants and Spiders Invade Your Home in the Summer

Summertime is full of all kinds of fun things that are unique to the season, however, drawbacks can include pest invaders that come out in droves to ruin your summer fun. Two of the worst perpetrators? Ants and spiders. So why does the summer bring out these tiny (and sometimes not so tiny) nuisances, and what can you do to stop them this summer? That’s just what we’re here to tell… Continue

Ouch. Are Bed Bugs Worse During The Summer?

Summer in the Northeast offers a bunch of great things to do, from swimming to hiking to just hanging out with friends and family at a barbecue. But it also comes with several irritants: from mosquitoes to just outright heat. One question we hear all the time is, “Are bed bugs worse in the summer?”. Continue

A Letter From Bob Gaul, Service Manager - Increase In Ant Activity

Thomas Pest Services is receiving an increase in Urgent Service calls regarding our customers seeing ants. With the increase of rain fall this year it is causing ants to seek shelter inside homes, as just like us they don’t enjoy being outside in the rain. With heavy rain fall, exterior nests are washed out forcing ants to move. You may have noticed an increase in ant mounds in your yard due… Continue

How To Prevent And Protect Yourself From Stinging Insects

Mosquitoes. Bees. Wasps. Yellow Jackets. The summer brings a swarm of insects ready to crash your party and ruin your day; there’s nothing that quite throws a wrench into a beautiful summer day like a painful bee sting or a cluster of itchy mosquito bites. But you don’t have to let them! There are a number of ways to keep stinging insects away, and protective measures that you can take… Continue

a furry rat crawling long the wooden table top of an albany new york home

Is My Albany Home At Risk For Rodents This Spring?

If better opportunities come your way, more often than not, you will jump at the chance of something better. Rodents are the same way. Although they can survive outside of our homes, there is no denying that the amenities they can find inside our walls beat out anything they could find in the wild. To prevent this from happening, we have some interesting facts about rodents you will want to read. Continue

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