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mouse found in albany home

Why You Should Begin Preventing Rodents Now

As hard as it may be to believe, it won’t be long now and air conditioners and lemonade will be replaced by cozy fires and pumpkin spice. Summer fun will give way to preparing for Halloween. Before you know it, you will be picking out your Thanksgiving turkey and trying to decide between a real tree and an artificial. It is true, the year can go by extremely fast while we are busy doing… Continue

carpenter ant on wood near albany home

Don't Ignore Carpenter Ants This Time Of Year

This time of year when we see a carpenter ant and don’t give them a second thought. The weather will be getting colder, so how could they possibly be a danger at this point? Don’t be fooled, these ants should be taken seriously all year long and should never be ignored. They are not really a danger to humans directly and they can be somewhat beneficial to the environment as they break… Continue

bat up close

Do You Have Bats in Your Home?

The Northeast is no stranger to bats. When most people think about bats in Albany County, they think rabies, but that is not the only concern residents should have when dealing with bats. Bats are a problem for residents because they can get into the house, spread disease, and cause significant property damage. Do you have bats in your home? Continue

mouse in living room of albany home

Why Do I Have Mice During The Summer?

If you are like most folks, you may believe that mice only move into human structures during the winter months, to get out of the bitter cold icy snowy weather conditions. While it might be true that mice tend to move inside more during times of cooling weather, it is not true that they move back outside once the weather warms up. Continue

carpenter ant in albany home

Carpenter Ants: Not Just A Little Ant

You are in your kitchen making toast, minding your own business, and you see a big black ant walking across the counter. You squish him in a paper towel and think nothing more about it. Then you start to notice a few more of these big black or reddish colored ants walking across your kitchen floor, and you notice them on your walkway as you leave for the day. Then the last straw happens; you go to… Continue

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