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How to Properly Remove a Tick

Having a tick attached to your skin can be an uncomfortable and even scary experience, but luckily removing one is simpler than it might seem. Check out the steps below to see how you can properly remove a tick. Continue

Types Of Ants In New York

Feeling antsy? Upstate New York is occupied by a handful (or two) of different types of ants, and while not all of these tiny pests are much more than a relatively minor nuisance, some can cause real trouble. Here’s what you need to know about the types of ants in New York.  Common Questions About Ants Before we dive into the full list of common ant types… Continue

A Guide to New York Termites

Termites are probably the last insect that you want infesting your home, but the unfortunate truth is that termites are a reality that New Yorkers have to deal with. Understanding which types of termites are common in New York State and how they behave is important, especially when you consider the kinds of problems they can cause for homeowners. This is our guide to New York termites. Types… Continue

Keeping Pests Out of Your Hudson, NY Home This Spring

 If you live in Columbia Country, you know that springtime means lots of new pests coming out of the woodwork. Luckily, you don’t have to fight them alone. At Thomas Pest Services, we offer a number of pest control and management services that are catered to protect homes in Hudson, New York, and the surrounding area. Whether you’re dealing with bed bugs, termites, bats… Continue

Why Do Insects Swarm?

 Termites, bees, flies: A whole range of different types of insect swarm -- and swarms can be a problem for people. But why?  Why Insects Swarm Insects swarm for a few different reasons:  Reproduction- Insects like termites and ants will sometimes swarm because they are looking to reproduce with other colonies; in this case, a large group of the reproductive… Continue

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