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large amount of termites near albany home

Albany Prepares for Termite Awareness Week

You might not see it pre-printed on your calendar as a national holiday, but it certainly is not any less important. Termite Awareness Week was created to provide information about termites as well as educate homeowners as to the dangers and seriousness of termites. Whether it be to your home, or to your other property, termites are extremely destructive and cost homeowners in the United States… Continue

carpenter ant on water damaged wood

How Can I Tell if I Have Carpenter Ants?

Having winter in our rearview mirror is so nice; we can now look forward to all that spring has to offer. Many are looking forward to budding flowers, warmer air, being outdoors, and the sweet smell of spring. However, there is one thing that spring will bring that we are not looking forward to, and that is carpenter ants.  Continue

thomas cerebral palsy awareness logo

Cerebral Palsy Press Release

Albany, NY - As part of our ongoing participation in Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month every year, we are pleased to announce that Thomas Pest Services will once again be raising awareness for and supporting research into cerebral palsy from March 1 to March 31, 2018. Continue

mouse in corner of living room

What To Do If You See Signs Of Mice Damage

For most people, home is a place of safety, comfort, and joy. Finding out that you have a mice infestation, though, can quickly put an end to those pleasant dreams. Getting rid of mice can be quite difficult, and keeping them out may be even harder depending on the home, but as with all pests, mice prevention is just as important as extermination. Knowing what to look for is a start. Here are some… Continue

kids enjoying spring

Things You Can Do Now To Prepare For Springs Pests Later

Well, we have gotten through the thick of winter, and before we know it spring flowers will be popping up all over, the sun will grace us with more warmth, animals will emerge, and we will be able to swap in our hats and mittens for some shorts and a tank top. During the transition, however, a lot will be happening, and many of us will take this time to prepare for the seasons to come. As we are… Continue

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