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mouse hiding in basement

It's Spring, Why am I Still Seeing Mice Poop in My Home?

Having mice inside your home can be so frustrating, especially if they have been there all winter. If you are expecting them to just up and leave now that the weather is improving, you may want to think again. Those mice have already nested, know exactly where their food supply is coming from, and have shelter from the weather. Maybe you have a brand new infestation that caught you off-guard… Continue

camel cricket

Camel Cricket Prevention Guide

Camel crickets are large insects and are tan or light brown in color. They are humpbacked and wingless crickets that have large back legs and very long antennae. They can be scary to look at, and will usually startle people because they can jump several feet in a single leap, needless to say, this is a pest that no Albany homeowner wants to encounter in their home. Continue

mosquito bite

How Effective Is Mosquito Control?

First of all, it is safe to say that all mosquitoes are annoying. It seems like every time we go outside to enjoy the fresh air during the mosquito season, they start to hover around our faces and will “bite” us wherever they can find bare skin. The after effect of that is a raised bump that is incredibly itchy. And the buzzing sounds they make is enough to drive anyone a bit crazy… Continue

What Every Albany Resident Should Know About Cicada Killers

When a pest has the word killer in its name, you may want to know what you're dealing with, and where cicada killers are concerned, you're dealing with a very unpleasant insect. Continue

mouse sneaking around basement

It's Spring, So Those Mice Will Be Leaving Soon, Right?

Spring is in the air! Birds are singing. The warm breezes are blowing. The snow is all but melted away. It is time to move everything in your home outside for the summer, right? What? You don't pick up all your belongings and move out of your home every time it warms up outside? Why not? Is it because you might need the shelter of your house again when the weather turns colder, or wetter, or… Continue

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