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bed bug crawling across bed

Avoid Bed Bugs This Thanksgiving

There are many things to look forward to this Thanksgiving, bed bugs are not one of them, learn how to avoid these troublesome pests. Continue

camel cricket in basement

How To Avoid Camel Crickets This Fall

There are few people who like spiders--and, yes, we did say spiders. Why? We'll explain in a moment. But first, imagine yourself going down into your basement and finding one of your walls covered in spiders. Does the thought make your skin crawl? For most of us, it does. Even though the majority of spiders that get into our homes won't do much more than leave a tiny red welt on our skin, there is… Continue

flea on gray background

Flea Infestation Without Pets

It's fairly common knowledge that if you have furry pets, you should be thinking about fleas. And that is how the vast majority of flea infestations begin, with your pet bringing home an uninvited guest or two. Unfortunately, fleas can get into your home even without the assistance of pets, making it a good idea to be mindful of just how you might find yourself with fleas. Continue

house mouse in basement

Guide To Preventing Basement Pests

Let's face it, homes usually fall into two categories: those with tidily organized basements, and those... without. Whether you've got a finished basement used as a living area or a simple dirt crawlspace, underground spaces offer unique challenges for homeowners and unique opportunities for pests. The simplest way for pests to find entrance into your home is at the ground level, and often times… Continue

raccoon sneaking on deck

When To Call The Wildlife Control Professionals

In the spring and summer wild animals are living the good life; food is plentiful, the weather is warm, and there are plenty of places to get a quick drink from. However, the good life can come to an end quickly for wild animals when the cool weather of fall hits. Wild animals can become a problem inside of homes and other structures anytime of the year, but tend to be especially problematic in… Continue

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