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Understanding Carpenter Ants: How Much Damage Can They Actually Do?

Carpenter ants exist in a sort of in-between space as far as common insects go. Are they as harmless as most ants? No, they’re not totally harmless. Do they have the same kind of destructive potential as other wood-eating insects like termites? Well no, they aren’t exactly that either. Sitting somewhere in this murky halfway point can make carpenter ants seem kind of...mysterious. If you see a… Continue

A Guide to Spring and Summer Pests - Infographic


A Guide to New York Rodents

How long do rodents live? What kinds of problems can they cause for households? What do they eat? How do they get into homes? And how can you get rid of them? Have no fear: our Guide to New York Rodents is here to provide answers to those very questions and many more.    Types of Rodents in New York While there are many types of rodents in New York State, the most common infestors can be… Continue

Thomas Pest Services Announces Distinguished Business Recognition

Family Owned Business Honored by Employees as Best Place to Work Continue

Animals That Carry Rabies


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