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rainy weather

How Wet Weather Affects Pests In Albany

As anxious as we all were for winter to finally let go of us, this spring has proven to be much wetter than anticipated leaving many people who have been looking forward to some fun in the sun frustrated. No one is overly happy with this turn of events. As much as rain affects people, the rains also have a major effect on pests and wildlife that have come out from hibernation or hatched in the… Continue

wildlife professional installing exclusion

Why Wildlife Problems Require a Professional

Wildlife can be extremely dangerous to deal with, and the longer you wait to get rid of wild animals on your property, the bigger your problem will become. These pests will eventually find their way into your home contaminating surfaces and nesting sites, destroying personal property, and damaging the structure of your home. When wild animals wander too close to your home or business, seek… Continue

carpenter ant crawling near albany home

How Do Ants Find Their Way Into My Home?

While sprucing up the yard for warm weather in recent weeks, it is more than likely that you have noticed that your neighbors are not the only ones out and about, and thankful for the warm breezes and green grass. This is the time of the year when pests like ants are out and active as well. Continue

technician sweeping spider webs

Keep Pests Out Of Your Home With Exterior Pest Guard Service

What is the best time to do pest control--before or after pests get into your home? While this seems like a pretty easy question, a lot of people end up waiting until cockroaches are zipping across the floor in their kitchen, perching on their toothbrush, or crawling out of a cereal box. Some wait until they hear bumping and scratching in the wall, see black droppings in the back of their… Continue

tick found on grass

What is Powassan Virus?

You have heard about Lyme disease from ticks and even a disease that makes you develop a red meat allergy, but have you heard about Powassan virus? No? Powassan virus is rare, but it should not be dismissed. In fact, cases have already been confirmed in New York State. Don’t be one of them. Here is what you need to know about Powassan virus. Continue

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