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gray squirrel on deck

Am I Dealing With Flying Squirrels or Gray Squirrels?

Squirrels can be fun to watch from afar, but that is about the only time they are considered to be enjoyable. Once they get inside your home the fun stops and the trouble begins. Continue

carpenter ants near albany home

Carpenter Ant Populations Die Off During Winter Right?

When evidence of carpenter ants appears in a home, it is easy to shrug it off. While carpenter ants are the largest ants that get into homes, they're still pretty small. And carpenter ants can feed on a wide selection of food. That means they don't need to raid your pantry and your kitchen cabinets to get a bite to eat. They can find all they need on the outside of your home. So, homeowners don't… Continue

stink bug in albany home

Were You Ready For The Stink Bug Invasion?

Most homeowners in Albany, New York are seeing an explosion of stink bugs, formally known as the brown marmorated stink bug. If you are not prepared for a stink bug invasion, you may want to know more about these stinky little pests and how they can become a terrible nuisance to you and your home. Continue

aggressive yellow jacket

Why Yellow Jackets Are More Aggressive In The Fall

Yellow jackets are such a huge nuisance throughout the hot summer months! People are outdoors just trying to enjoy their own backyards while the weather is warm and sunny. They plan parties, barbecues, picnics and fun sporting activities. Having yellow jackets around all summer is very annoying and they may even sting someone during the summer, but in the fall, you really need to look out because… Continue

raccoons near albany home

Common Wildlife Problems In New York

Coming into contact with nuisance wildlife in your backyard is becoming more common as a result of urban growth into the natural habitats of animals. It may be exciting to see an animal when you walk through the woods, but watching a raccoon flip over your garbage and make a mess of your yard or having a skunk spray your dog is not! In New York, the most common wildlife problems come from… Continue

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