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a deer tick with its legs sprawled out as it slowly crawls up a vibrant green leaf

How to Prepare Your Albany County Property for the Return of Ticks this Summer

As summer returns to Albany County, so do ticks. Unfortunately, our area is a hotbed of tick activity. If you visit the Pine Bush Preserve, you’ll find pamphlets with warnings about ticks and safe removal in boxes at the trailheads. We hear constant warnings on the news about preventing Lyme Disease. Our schools even teach our kids how to check for ticks after gym and recess. Sadly, your own… Continue

carpenter ant up close in schenectady ny

Why DIY Methods Of Carpenter Ant Control Should Be Avoided

The internet is filled with DIY help. Some of the tips on the internet are flat out wrong. Some are right but, when applied incorrectly, they don't work. Some are right and, when you apply them correctly, you can have some success but you never know if it really took care of the problem. Continue

mosquito sucking a mans blood

Mosquito and Tick Facts

Don’t let mosquito and tick bites ruin your fun. Read on for interesting did you know facts about mosquitoes and ticks. Learn how the pest control experts at Thomas Pest Services can protect you and your family and property from mosquitoes and ticks with their green solutions. Continue

a deer tick embeded into the bare skin of an albany new york resident

Why Tick Prevention in the Summer Matters

Ticks aren’t just a nuisance pest that you can swat away and forget about. They are potentially dangerous when they latch on to feed since they can transmit diseases to their host. While there are some DIY steps you can take, there are better methods available from pest control professionals. In the Albany area, Thomas Pest Services is your go-to source for tick control and… Continue

a large mosquito bitibg an albany new york resident on a bright summer day

Is Professional Mosquito Control Right for My Home?

If you like to enjoy your Capital District or Adirondack-area yard in the summer, then you’ve no doubt dealt with annoying mosquitoes. But what if there was an effective way to reduce the number of mosquitoes buzzing around your backyard functions and disturbing you and your guests this summer? Professional mosquito control might be the answer.  Continue

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