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Keeping Summer Pests Out of Your Home And Yard

Though spring is the best time of year for homeowners to start thinking about taking measures to prevent spring and summer pests from being attracted to their yard and invading their home, we understand that people get busy and certain items on that spring to-do-list may have been put on the backburner.  Continue

tick on albany resident

Summer Tick Prevention for Albany Residents and Pets

Ticks are a common pest problem for Albany homeowners, especially during the warm summer months when they are most active. In addition, wildlife animals such as mice, raccoons, foxes, and squirrels that are responsible for introducing ticks onto properties also become very active during the summertime, which can lead to even more ticks on your property. Continue

carpenter ant

Why Carpenter Ants Love Albany in the Summer

While humans may come to Albany from all over the world to experience all that the the state of New York has to offer, none of them come for the same reason carpenter ants do. Those ants aren't going to take in a Broadway show, visit the Empire State building, ice skate at Rockefeller Center, or walk wide-eyed around Time Square. Continue

ant hill up close

Why So Many Ant Hills Around My Property?

Now that the days are longer, warmer, and sunnier, in addition to seeing green grass, colorful flowers and trees full of leaves, you may start to notice ants, lot of ants in fact. This is because it is the time of year when ants are very busy creating nesting areas and gathering food for their ever-growing colonies. Continue

termites found in albany home

Everything You Need To Know About Termite Damage

Termites are wood-eating, moisture-seeking, destructive pests that every homeowner needs to be aware of. Though termites are active year-round, they become even more of a threat to homeowners during the spring and summer seasons. Continue

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