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home with christmas tree

Do Not Ignore Pests Around The Holidays

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, the next round of holiday preparations needs to start. With that, there is so much work to be done, not to mention the stress that the holidays can cause as well. With all of the hubbub that the holiday preparations can cause, it is no wonder that we tend to let other things slide a little. Whether it’s cheating on a diet, being less effective at work, or… Continue

mouse with santa hat

The Truth About Christmas Mice

Much like gifts are to a tree, mice are to Christmas. As we giggle and laugh at their silly antics during Christmas television shows, we can easily overlook the potentially dangerous situations they can lead to. Understandably, it is hard to see a mouse past its cute, food-filled cheeks and tiny cheese-holding hands. That is until it creates catastrophic and irreversible damages to our homes. Continue

father and son picking out christmas tree

Pests To Look For While Decorating For Christmas

I think it’s fairly agreed upon that the holiday season is the best time of the year. Wrapping gifts, eating foolish amounts of food, seeing friends and family. Tradition fills the air as we light our fires and scramble to remember what boxes of decorations were stored where, sending us digging through the attic and ransacking the basement for our tree ornaments and window hangings, ready to… Continue

Sarah Thomas-Clark Awarded Young Entrepreneur Award

Thomas Pest Services is proud to announce Sarah Thomas-Clark, as the 2017 Young Entrepreneur Award. Continue

raccoon looking for winter shelter

Wildlife Invaders Of Albany

It’s that time of year: Autumn is here. Leaves are falling and cold nights are leading to an uptick in the movement of natural wildlife. Deer are out and about hoping to fatten up, rodents are burrowing and nesting to keep warm as the nights approach freezing levels, and insects are trying to find a good place to hunker down to ensure their species will continue on come April and May. You… Continue

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