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bed bug technician preparing for heat treatment

Avoid Bed Bugs While On Spring Vacation

For several decades bed bugs were almost unheard of. Now, they're making a comeback and there are reports of bed bugs in hotels, apartment complexes, college dorms, office buildings, furniture stores, movie theaters, on public transportation – and even in individual homes. These bloodsucking bugs seem to be everywhere and pest control companies are reporting a 70% increase in bed bug… Continue

installing wildlife trap

Why You Should Hire A Professional To Trap Wildlife

We often hear about friends and neighbors who enjoy a good cup of coffee on a Sunday morning while they watch a family of squirrels chase each other around the backyard, or we muse over countless stories about the raccoon trying to get into bird feeders after dark. Usually, these tales are an amusing peek into the life of a wild animal just doing what wild animals do. But, what happens when these… Continue

termites in ground

Comparing Termites And Carpenter Ants

We all know that termites and carpenter ants are destructive pests, but few people know how much damage these insects are capable of or how they go about damaging man-made structures. So, in the spirit of spring, the time of year where we are most likely to see termite and carpenter ant swarmers buzzing around or crawling on our homes and businesses, we've put together this quick FAQ. Continue

tick embedded in skin

Experts Warn Of Lyme Disease Increase In 2017

Since Lyme disease first appeared, ecologists have been studying it closely. And, over the course of the last 20 years, they have found that mouse populations in one year can give an accurate forecast of Lyme disease the next year. Well, you may have noticed that we had a bit of a mouse explosion in 2016. If you didn't have a mouse infestation, we're betting you know someone who did. Here are two… Continue

residential pest technician doing mosquito and tick treatment

Tick and Mosquito Season Is Quickly Approaching

The mild winter in New York this year is going to affect the tick and mosquito population this spring and summer. It seems that there may be a connection between mild winters and a higher population of these blood-sucking insects, which also means a higher risk of transmittance of serious diseases. These insects will be arriving earlier, which means they will have longer to reproduce and hatch… Continue

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