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You've Never Seen a Bed Bug This Up Close and Personal

We show readers what a blood sucking bed bug looks like in 1080p video, and share a few bed bug facts.  Continue

The PEST Approach - Winter 2019

2019 has been a great year for the Thomas Pest family, and it could not be possible without you! Enjoy the Winter Issue of The PEST Approach.  Continue

Day in the Life of a Tech

In the second of our series of team interviews, we spoke to Tim Curtis, a pest management professional with nearly 10 years of experience and one of our Wildlife Control Specialists. Let’s get to the questions! Continue

How Your Home Attracts Spiders


Family doing it yourself home repair

How Home Repair Can Prevent Pests

Pests of all types are pretty much always looking for ways to get into your home - easily accessible food is always a big draw to insects and wildlife alike. In the Capital Region, where the winters are cold and long, critters and bugs are looking for something else, especially with the abrasive months looming large: warmth and shelter. Continue

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