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Family doing it yourself home repair

How Home Repair Can Prevent Pests

Pests of all types are pretty much always looking for ways to get into your home - easily accessible food is always a big draw to insects and wildlife alike. In the Capital Region, where the winters are cold and long, critters and bugs are looking for something else, especially with the abrasive months looming large: warmth and shelter. Continue

Interview With an Entomologist

Here at Thomas Pest Services, one of our greatest points of pride is the people who make up our staff; the Thomas family is a group that’s defined not only by their exceptional skills but also by their dedication to a strain of professionalism characterized by a focus on exceptional service and a drive to educate and inform. We love our staff - which is why we want readers to get to know… Continue

How Mice and Rats are Different

Mice and Rats are both rodents, but they each pose some unique problems. This post details the differences between the two, from appearance to behavior to home damage diseases they carry, and details how to get rid of them.  Continue

Do All Ticks Carry Lyme Disease?

Ticks are enough of a nuisance on their own, and when you factor in their potential to transmit Lyme Disease to humans and pets alike, the threat of ticks in your yard becomes downright dismal. No one wants to think about the prospect of ticks, but the truth is that they have a strong presence in the capital region; this means you’ll want to be as prepared as you possibly can be in case you… Continue

Wildlife to Watch Out for This Fall and Winter

While you might be out and about enjoying the Fall weather, there’s something out there that wants to spoil your fun: wildlife pests. Everyone wants a warm space to spend the winter, and wildlife aren’t immune to that; in fact, they’ll seek out your home as an easy source for warmth and food, if your home isn’t prepared. So which wildlife frequents upstate New York, and… Continue

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