Termite Control

Protect Your Property With Albany Termite Treatments

Subterranean termites are destructive pests that cause extensive damages to structures.  They are the most commonly found termite in New York and the ones responsible for over $5 billion in property damages annually in the United States.  You can prevent expensive repairs with termite control solutions from Thomas Pest Services. We protect your upstate New York home or business from termites with the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System.


Here’s How We Eliminate Termites

Our process is ideal for both homes and businesses, with solution options to eliminate current termites while working to prevent future termites from taking up residence in your building. When you contact our expert termite exterminators, we will:

Perform A Thorough Termite Inspection

We examine your home or business inside and out and recommend a solution to your termite problem.

Install And Maintain The Sentricon® Termite Colony System

Our pest professionals will install our termite elimination system which contains bait to control and monitor subterranean termites in your structure. Termites will quickly discover the bait stations and begin feeding immediately. Once the bait is ingested, termites cannot reproduce which halts the growth of their colony. This termite control method not only kills foraging termites, but it also eliminates the entire colony while protecting your structure from termite damage.

Provide Ongoing Monitoring For Termite Activity

We’ll visit regularly and take a proactive approach to detect termites.


Contact Thomas Pest Services for Termite Control Solutions

Our termite control professionals are Certified Sentricon Specialists from Dow AgroSciences. Our team is extensively trained to detect and eliminate termite colonies. Let us help you eliminate termites from your home or business – schedule a free termite inspection today.

A Full-Service Pest Management Company

At Thomas Pest Services, we exterminate more than termites.  Our New York pest control company offers comprehensive pest control and wildlife removal solutions for property owners and managers in Albany, the entire Capital District, and, the northern Hudson Valley. 

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