Bat Control

Signs Or Evidence Of A Bat Problem

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Bat Noises

Bats are nocturnal so you’re more likely to hear activity after dusk and in the early morning hours as they leave and or return from finding food.  If trapped in a space you may hear bats scratching or flapping sounds as they fly around.  Bats make noises that are too high for humans to hear but they also do a bit of chirping.  If there’s only a small group of bats you probably won’t notice sounds but if it’s a larger group, you’re more likely to hear these pests.

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Bat Staining

You may notice stains in areas where bats enter and exit your space. The oils from their bodies and other bodily secretions such as urine and droppings often leave stain marks behind.  Stains can be brown or yellowish in color and may contain pieces of fur. 

bat droppings on a ceiling fan in new york home

Bat Droppings

Also called guano, bat droppings pile up on the floor in areas where bats take up residence as well as by points of entry.  Similar in size to mouse droppings, guano is irregularly shaped and likely to contain insect parts.  If you find bat droppings in a space, do not stir it up and remove yourself from that area right away to avoid health issues. 


Effective Bat Removal In Albany, The Capital District & Adirondack Region

At Thomas Pest Services, we’ve developed a four-step process that removes bats from your structure and makes sure that they cannot come back.


We’ll send a bat control specialist to your location to conduct a thorough inspection to identify how bats are getting in and out of your structure.  Often times, bats enter and exit around vents, fascia boards, ridge caps, and louvers.  In reality, they only need a gap of 3/8 of an inch to sneak in.  Our bat inspection will also determine if bat damage has occurred around entry points or inside because of their activity or from their urine and droppings. 


To curtail bat activity, your technician will install one way devices on the main entry/exit point(s).  By implementing these exclusion techniques, bats can fly out at dusk but they’ll not be able to fly back inside.  Please note, that during maternity season, we can only complete a portion of the bat work to avoid trapping baby bats inside and to prevent their mothers from caring for their young.  The technician providing your service will seal all secondary entry points, then return mid-August after the babies can fly to install exclusion devices over the primary entry points.


Once the exclusion device is installed, we’ll return a few weeks later to ensure that there are no more bats inside the structure.  Once we’ve confirmed there your property is bat free, we’ll seal the primary entry point so they cannot get back in.


Bats are messy creatures and cleaning up after them can be dangerous and should be left to the professionals.  Thomas will clean up droppings as well as decontaminate and deodorize areas.  We’ll also replace insulation if necessary. 


Our Bat Exclusion Warranty

When you choose Thomas Pest Services to evict bats from your property, we’ll provide a written warranty.  The duration of the warranty is determined by the condition and size of the house or building.  Most warranties are one year with the option to extend the warranty year to year.

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