Rodent And Wildlife Warning Signs

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It is getting cold here in New York. Even creatures that are born with fur coats think so. And cold temperatures give rodents and wildlife incentive to get into your home. If you would rather not share your home with dirty, foraging animals this winter, here are a few signs you should be looking for.

Signs of Rodent and Wildlife Activity in Your Yard

  • Trash cans disturbed. All animals can get a meal from a trash can. If you find your trash cans have been tampered with, you might have a curious creature surveying your defenses.

  • Broken lattice. If you have lattice or some other decorative (and climbable) object on your exterior walls, broken spots can let you know if a raccoon has been coming and going.

  • Holes in the yard. There are many creatures that dig holes in the ground to make their dens. When these holes appear in places that give access to a spot under your home, garage, or porch, you're not going to want to ignore this.

  • Holes in your walls. Rodents have incisors that never stop growing. They use these teeth to chew on everything. They'll also use them to chew their way into your home. Mice and Norway rats will most often chew low. Squirrels and roof rats, will usually chew high.

  • The smell of skunk. Need we say more?

Signs of Rodent and Wildlife Invasion

  • If you hear bumping or scratching in your walls, and you've ruled out a branch scratching against your outer wall every time the wind picks up, you've got something living in there. It could be a bat, mouse, rat, or similar creature.

  • Bumping or squeaking in the attic. There are lots of animals that get into attic spaces. This is the first way you'll know you've got a problem.

  • Droppings left in kitchen and pantry. Mice and rats will explore your home while you're asleep. If you're seeing droppings on the floor near the wall, there is a good chance they were left there by an invading rodent.

  • The smell of urine in the attic. Not only do invading animals leave their urine everywhere because they have no understanding of household etiquette, they also use the smell of urine to communicate things to each other. This urine can smell quite strong.

If you're seeing, hearing, or smelling signs of rodent or wildlife activity in or around your New York home, Thomas Pest Services can help. We specialize in wildlife removal and rodent control. Our technicians have the most advanced tools and education for proper removal and exclusion of a wide selection of animals that invade New York homes. Call for immediate assistance.

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