Commensal Rodents

Commensal rodents in New York include deer mice, common house mice, and rats.  Learn more about these destructive pests and what can be done to control and prevent rodent infestations. 

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Learn More About Mice and Rats

The term "commensal rodent" is generally used to describe a group of mice and rats that have become somewhat reliant on humans for survival, especially when it comes to food and shelter sources. Rodents have come to live in close proximity to people and it has become natural for them to want to “share” our food and homes; unfortunately for them this is not something that many people want to encourage.

Commensal rodents most commonly enter into homes, businesses, and other structures in the fall as they search for a suitable shelter to overwinter in that is close to food and water sources. Commensal rodents enter into buildings through small spaces (mice can enter through a space as small as the diameter of a pencil) in the foundation, exterior walls, gaps around windows and doors, and through spaces around utility entrances.

Inside of your home commensal rodents will nest in areas that are close to, or allow for easy access to food sources. These areas are most usually in dark secluded areas like behind walls, in attics, basements, crawl spaces, and behind large appliances.

Commensal rodents can cause significant damage to the structure of a home, business or other building by chewing through wires, insulation, pipes, drywall, and flooring. They can also damage personal items like clothing, furniture, pictures, and books. They have been proven to contaminate your home, food, and food prep areas with their urine and feces. Rodents are known for spreading serious bacteria and diseases including salmonellosis, leptospirosis, dysentery, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis; along with introducing parasites like fleas and mites onto your property.

If commensal rodents have decided to make your home or business their home this winter season, the rodent control professionals here at Thomas Pest Services can help to safely and quickly eliminate them, contact us today!

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