What Is Pest Control Insulation?

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What is a way that you can help to keep pests out of your home, increase the energy efficiency of your home, help to prevent the spread of fire and make sure that you family is warm and cozy during the winter and cool and comfy during the summer? The answer is easy TAP insulation! What is TAP insulation, you ask? TAP is short for Thermal, Acoustical, and Pest Control insulation that can easily be installed by the pest control professionals found at Thomas Pest Services in any home new or old!

TAP insulation is a natural cellulose insulation that contains natural borate pesticides. The borate is found throughout the insulation and helps to kill pests like ants, spiders, silverfish, roaches and other insects that like to live and travel behind your home’s walls. The borate also works to effectively deter rodents by giving them a stomach ache to remember after they decide to take a nibble on the insulation. This insulation is very eco-friendly and is created from recycled newspaper; unlike typical fiberglass insulation, there are no irritating fibers found in TAP! Along with keeping pest out of your home this insulation has fire-retardant characteristics that help to slow down and prevent the spread of fire and it is mold resistant!

What more could you ask for out of an insulation; well, believe it or not, there is more- it offers homeowners tax benefits! That’s right by using TAP insulation when building a new home or by adding it to the insulation in an already existing home you are helping to increase the energy efficiency of your property. Its special interlocking fibers act as a barrier, preventing heat from traveling out of your home in the winter and preventing it from coming inside in the summer. With TAP you will be saving money in more than one way! You will be saving money on energy costs throughout the entire year, and because you have increased the energy efficiency of your home you will receive tax benefits; and really who couldn’t save on their taxes!

If you currently live in or are going to be building in the Albany, Capital District or Adirondack areas, give us a call at Thomas Pest Control. Our experts would love to talk to you about all the benefits of using TAP insulation in your home. From mold control to fire control, to pest control, to tax benefits and more, TAP insulation truly is a superior insulation!

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