New York is home to a variety of ants. While most are nuisance ants and are more annoying than problematic, carpenter ants can be quite destructive to homes and businesses.  

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There are several types of ants that invade properties and homes; some are simply nuisance pests, others can cause major structural damage to your home. Some even have unique odors that let you know they are in your home. Sometimes ants are seasonal pests, but in some cases they can cause year-round headaches for homeowners.

Ants generally nest outdoors; their nests can be found under the ground, under mulch, and woodpiles, in hollow logs, and in other similar areas. Most ant species live in large social groups and work together to make sure their colony survives. Worker ants will leave the colony and forage for food. During this process, it is common for ants to make their way inside of a home. They will enter through cracks in the foundation, underneath doors, and through gaps found around windows.

Once inside, they will feed on and contaminate any food that they can find, and will continue to do so until the source runs out or they are stopped. It is also possible that they will create a satellite nest in your home in the spaces behind walls, behind baseboards, or underneath the floor.

It is very common to think the DIY ant control products that can be purchased at big box stores will be effective; unfortunately, this is not the case. They may work to see the few that you find roaming around your kitchen, but they do nothing for the hundreds that may be living behind your home’s walls, or nesting in your yard. To truly get rid of an ant infestation in your home, a professional ant control expert should be contacted.

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