How To Prevent Wasps And Bees From Swarming Around Your Home

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With the warmer months chasing winter away, many New York homeowners are excited to experience the blossoming of trees, baby birds chirping, the sweet smell of young flowers, and the bright green of new plant growth. But, like us, many species of bees and wasps have been waiting for the warmer weather as well. And now that it is here, these stinging insects are actively buzzing around, putting people on edge.

With their sharp stingers and often aggressive behavior, wasps and bees can be frightening pests for any homeowner to deal with, which is why stinging insect prevention is an important step to take as we enter into spring and summer

Prevention steps can help reduce the number of reasons stinging insects want to stick around, which can help when it comes to keeping bees and wasps from creating nests near your home or on your property.

  • Stinging insects often gravitate towards potential meals, which can often be found in trash bins and leftover food items. Keeping your trash bins sealed and leftovers stored can eliminate potential meals that would draw wasps and bees to your property.
  • Inspecting the exterior walls and roofline of your home for gaps, cracks, and crevices, and sealing them up can help keep stinging insects from nesting inside your home.
  • Replacing or repairing torn window and door screens can be an effective method for preventing bees and wasps from entering your home.

Stinging insects are a type of pest that will always be there to put a damper on a fun spring or summer. However, it is never wise to try and remove the nests of these pests from your New York property without proper help from a trusted pest control provider like Thomas Pest Services. Bees are vital to the ecosystem. It would be a major problem if their populations decreased too much. The pest professionals here at Thomas Pest Services know how to identify which stinging insect pests need to be relocated, and which ones need to be dealt with using specific treatment methods. If you’d like a pest-free home this summer, trust Thomas with all of your pest control needs.

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