Why Bee Infestations Are Best Left To The Professionals

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Let’s face it: bees are kind of a nuisance. Between them buzzing around our heads and their painful stings, we usually do everything we can to avoid them. Though bees can be dangerous to have hanging around our property, they are also extremely beneficial to our ecosystem and play an important role in nature by pollinating flowers. So by attempting to eliminate them through use DIY methods or products, especially that are chemical-based, you could inadvertently harm the environment.

Bees have a bad reputation despite all of the good that they do. Do you enjoy the beautiful blossoms of spring and the vibrant flowers of summer? Well, bees are responsible for pollinating a large variety of flowers and crops that we like so much. We certainly would be in a pickle if bees didn’t exist. Not to mention, bees are predatory insects and actually help keep the populations of other nuisance pests down by feeding on them.

As we mentioned before, bee infestations need to be handled in a certain way and there are a variety of risks that come with attempting to solve a bee problem on your own. It is a huge risk to use DIY methods or products that have not been verified by the professionals to eliminate bee problems. These chemicals are extremely dangerous to the environment and could actually harm you, your family, or your pets if accidentally touched or ingested. If you think that by trying to move the hive or knock it down is a better option, think again! Bees can become extremely protective of their hives and may exhibit aggressive behaviors such as swarming and stinging when their nests are disturbed. This is why it’s best to leave handling bee problems to the professionals.

Professional bee treatment is the safest, quickest, and most effective solution to your bee problems. For residents in the Albany, Troy, and the entire Capital District and Adirondack regions, the company to call is Thomas Pest Services! Our professional technicians will remove any hives on your property using the proper equipment and gear and provide preventative applications to discourage future nesting near your home. Professional treatment is always the safer and more effective alternative to DIY bee control methods! Contact us at Thomas Pest Services in New York to learn more about our residential pest control solutions.

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