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What do honey bees look like?

Honey bees have fuzzy abdomens and are dark brow to black in color intermixed with yellow, and their abdomen appears banded. They live in very large colonies with sometimes thousands of members.


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Are honey bees dangerous?

Honey bees are actually quite a beneficial pest as pollinators. However, they are also dangerous for many individuals. They have the ability to sting, which can trigger severe allergic reactions in some. In fact, a honey bee sting can prove life threatening in some cases. A good rule of thumb is to avoid encounters with these stinging insects.

Why do I have a honey bee problem?

Honey bees typically build nests in trees and other hollow spaces but sometimes they establish nests in attics, wall voids and other places they can access in homes and other types of buildings.

How do you get rid of honey bees?

For help in getting rid of honey bees in Albany or elsewhere in the Capital District or Adirondack region, Thomas Pest Services can help. Our pest control professionals are have a keen understanding of honey bees as well as other stinging insects and are ready to offer their assistance. Contact us today if you’ve discovered honey bees on your property or in your home!

Honey bee prevention tips

To keep honey bees out of structures, our Albany exterminators recommend:

  • Sealing cracks and crevices on the exterior that would allow honey bees and other pests inside.

  • Cleaning out gutters and areas under roof soffits.

  • Limiting the amount of flowering plants and trees that you plant near your home.

  • When spending time outdoors, do not leave sugary drinks or treats uncovered and keep trash picked up.

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