Here Come The Stinging Insects

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Spring and summer months are noted for many things from freshly budding flowers to the chirping of young birds. Attitudes and moods of people seem to improve when the summer sun brings warmth and erases the final effects of winter. Bees and wasps also begin to emerge in large numbers. But there is something about bees and wasps that have the ability to place people on edge as they buzz around you with their darting motions. The automatic response is to eradicate or remove them. Imagine driving down the highway, enjoying life, only to discover that a bee had gotten into the car with you. There is an immediate sense of urgency to see how quickly you can vacate that car! 

The reality is that bees and wasps both play a valuable and important role in our ecosystem. Bees are the best at pollination of plants. We would be in trouble without their assistance in pollinating our flowers, crops, and gardens. Wasps assist in limited amounts of pollinating, but their worth is in foraging for and controlling other harmful insects. 

Regardless of their value, bee and wasp control become necessary when they are in the wrong place and in large numbers. They can then become a serious pest whose danger outweighs their worth. Most bees and wasps are not intent on finding someone to sting as much as they are defending and guarding themselves and their hives. However, with more than two million Americans being allergic to stinging insects, control becomes a must. Each year more than one half million people come through the doors of hospital emergency rooms due to being stung by a bee, wasp or other stinging insect. 

There are many species of bees and wasps, some of which can also invoke structural damage to your property. Carpenter bees, for example, can be a real threat to homeowners due to tunneling and boring holes into decks, porches, and the overhangs. If they are allowed to tunnel into the structure year after year, the accumulating damage can be quite significant and demand costly repairs. 

Wasps, bees, and other stinging insects can become quite aggressive when they are disturbed and feel threatened. For this reason, eradicating them with DIY methods is not recommended. The safest and quickest solution to your bee and wasp control is to contact Thomas Pest Services. Our technicians are trained to identify the type of stinging insect and provide the most effective and protective treatment. We will also remove the nests and hives and provide preventative applications to discourage future nesting. Don’t get stung—get help by calling Thomas Pest Services today!

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