How Are Rodents Getting Into My Home?

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For many people, it's that depressing moment sitting at home, when you hear a scurrying clatter through the ceiling. For others, it's the anger of noticing a hole in the bread bag. One way or another it often comes starkly to people's attention that they are facing a wretchedly frustrating intruder... Rodents. No matter the season, rodents are more than happy to make themselves a guest and as cute as they might be to some, they are a real danger if they decide to settle into or near your home.

A lot of you are are probably wondering, what’s the big deal? The truth is, rodents can create real hazards that pose serious risks to health and property. As rodents chew through your house, eating everything they come across, including insulation and wires, they create fire hazards. They might opt for some pipes in the house causing flooding and severe damage and have no qualms about defacing your stored keepsakes. Not to mention, as rodents run around your house they are quite possibly introducing other pests, such as ticks and fleas. Rodents are also frequent hosts to diseases that they spread through feces and urine that can bring about serious health problems for anyone in the home. Getting rid of rodents should be an absolute top priority.

Rodents naturally come from outside of your home. Whether it's squirrels, voles, rats, or mice, all rodents can and do live in the wild. Even so, as they multiply and spread out to seek favorable living conditions, they often enter the inviting environment that homes offer through cracks and openings in walls, foundations, and other entryways. Some signs that a rodent has gotten into your house can be waste, odors, chewed holes, nests, and even odd pet behavior. These signs usually mean that the rodent is either living inside your home, or using it as a prime source for food, water, or nesting materials.

Due to the ability to chew their way in, keeping rodents out can be somewhat tough. Making sure that even small cracks are sealed up, holes are patched, and that entryways are kept closed can minimize the allure and possibility of entry for rodents. Try and keep trash picked up and in sealed containers if stored outdoors. Fix all water leaks, and always make sure to clean up any messes quickly and thoroughly, as dropped food and spilled liquids are a sure way to attract rodents. Make sure to always clean in and behind appliances, and never forget to double check anything you bring in from places like storage, the attic, the basement, and the outdoors.

In the end, turning to a professional pest control company like Thomas Pest Services is the guaranteed way to get rid of rodents, and can keep you from a lot of frustration trying to use unreliable DIY methods. At Thomas, our trained staff knows exactly what to look for, where to look for it, and what to do when they find it. We will remove any rodents that are infesting your home, and can develop a pest control plan to assure that they are not a problem in the future. Thomas also has the appropriate tools and ability to clean and sanitize feeding and nesting sites, removing urine and droppings. On top of that, our technicians can repair a lot of the damage created by rodents, sealing most entry points and giving recommendations for further measures. Professional help is the quickest and easiest way to get rid of rodents completely, so call us today!

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