Wildlife In Albany Beginning To Hinder Residents

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It is during the spring and early summer that new life begins to appear. Flowers begin blooming, trees bud out, fruit trees blossom, and baby birds begin chirping, anxious to try out their wings. This is also the time that baby rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and other forms of wildlife begin to appear. However, these darling little creatures only stay small and cute for a very short period of time. Wildlife, no matter how cute, are exactly that—wild and potentially dangerous.

The danger and damaging risks from wildlife varies depending on the species. For example, skunks, squirrels, raccoons, and bats expose your pets and family members to diseases and contamination, but they can also be destructive to your home and other buildings on the premises. Squirrels, raccoons, and other chewing species of wildlife can build nests inside the walls and attics of homes. They chew through drywall, floors, and ceilings as well as electrical wiring which causes additional risk of fires.

Thomas Pest Services offers comprehensive services to remove wildlife from your home and property in a humane manner. Our skilled technicians will also install preventative measures to keep them from returning. Wildlife shows up at your house in search of food; but, unfortunately, they often bring diseases and destruction with them. Thomas Pest Services provides certified wildlife control experts with the knowledge and understanding of animal behavior needed for the most effective solutions for removal and control. In the event that wildlife caused damage to the property prior to removal, Thomas Pest Services will also repair the damage and seal the home, preventing any opportunity for re-entry.

The key to wildlife management is to provide ongoing wildlife protection. When you contact Thomas Pest Services, we will explain in detail the following process:

  • Inspect. Your certified technician will perform a thorough inspection and analysis of what type of intruder you may have and what the point of entry is, as well as how to prevent a re-occurrence.

  • Remove. Once the inspection has been done, the technicians will remove the animals from your home. The animals could be in the attic, walls, chimney, or under the house. Only the most humane, state of the art equipment is used for trapping and removal.

  • Damage Repair. Once the animals have been removed, all points of entry will be identified, repaired, and sealed, preventing future entrance. We will clean and sanitize the area from droppings, urine, and nesting sites.

Don’t hesitate to contact Thomas Pest Services for your free inspection and opportunity to discuss wildlife removal and all other pest control solutions.

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