What To Do If You See Signs Of Mice Damage

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For most people, home is a place of safety, comfort, and joy. Finding out that you have a mice infestation, though, can quickly put an end to those pleasant dreams. Getting rid of mice can be quite difficult, and keeping them out may be even harder depending on the home, but as with all pests, mice prevention is just as important as extermination. Knowing what to look for is a start. Here are some signs mice leave behind.

  • Gnaw marks - Mice have teeth that never stop growing, and part of a mouse’s routine is keeping their teeth at a reasonable length. To do this, they chew. You can often find gnaw marks on wood, as well as furniture and personal items. Unfortunately, mice are also known to chew through wires.

  • Nests - Mice will create nests in your home if it proves a comfortable habitat, often settling in darker, secluded, and unused spaces. Mice will also destroy insulation and fabrics to build these nests, which become centers for filth.

  • Droppings - Mice naturally leave droppings behind as they go, which is not only disgusting, but can also be dangerous. Mice are associated with many different diseases, and through these droppings, they can pass them along to us. 

  • Contamination - Mice are always looking for their next meal, and often the first indicator of their presence is the chewed corner of a box of cereal or a hole in a bag of rice or beans.

Finding one mouse usually means there are more mice around, and finding one of these signs usually means the mice are looking to settle in. If you happen to come across these signs, calling a professional is always best. Often times we try DIY methods without complete success, and even then there's little stopping the mice from returning. Here at Thomas Pest Services, we know exactly how to take care of mice, once and for all! 

After a specialist visits your home to assess your rodent problem, identifying potential problem areas as well as nesting areas, our team will directly consult with you to recommend the most appropriate treatment methods. As part of our rodent control program, our specialists will sanitize contaminated areas after applying treatment, helping to not only ensure you and your family’s safety but also to minimize the smells caused by rodents and their droppings. We will also give our full attention to access points through which mice are getting in, sealing them up to make sure they can’t get in again. Furthermore, we will inspect the insulation in your attic and other areas of your home, removing damaged or soiled material and replace it with completely new insulation! Using specially developed, pest control insulation that is only available to the pest control industry, professionals have the ability to not only provide energy-saving benefits but can also deter pests.

If you think you have a mice problem, or see any signs of mice, give Thomas Pest Services a call today. 

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