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Pestilence has been around since the dawn of time, mosquitoes and ticks have always had the ability to transfer diseases to humans. So, why is it that many of us can remember being eaten alive by mosquitoes when we were younger and never having contracted a virus? Why is it that we can remember getting ticks on us, but it was never really a big deal? Here are some insights you may have never considered.

Mosquito Diseases

We who call the great state of New York home enjoy minimal threats from mosquitoes, but this is not the case worldwide and could change in the future. The mosquito is actually considered by experts to be the most dangerous animal in the world because it is directly responsible for the death of over a million people every year. Why? Through the transmission of malaria, dengue, West Nile, and other viruses.

The places most impacted by mosquito viruses are places where sanitation and poor medical services are rampant. More sickness within a population is fuel on the fire of mosquito-borne viruses.

In the past, we didn't have to worry as much about mosquitoes because the sanitation and medical infrastructure here in the United States has been quite good. But, with the rapid increase in world travel, the world is becoming much smaller. A person can be walking around an underdeveloped country one day, and the streets of New York City the next. This makes it possible for outbreaks of Zika and malaria, even though we don't have these viruses contained in local mosquito populations currently.

Tick Diseases

New York residents didn't have to worry about Lyme disease a few decades ago. It was a disease that plagued Lyme Connecticut. And, even Lyme Connecticut didn't have to worry about it before the 1970s when it was discovered. But now, this is a disease that has most of the country concerned, and for good reason as the effects of Lyme disease can last a lifetime.

The Solution That Works

There isn't much we can do about world and local travel, but what we CAN do is take care of the little patch of land we own, so that if pestilence comes we can be part of the solution that stops it from spreading. Mosquito and tick services create buffer areas to stop vectors for disease. When someone comes to America from South America carrying Zika or some other virus in their body, there are fewer mosquitoes here to draw that virus out and infect local people with it. There are also fewer mosquitoes to spread that virus to the next person. Mosquito abatement is the front line defense that government health agencies use to prevent widespread outbreaks. With the help of home and business owners, this is a solution that becomes even more effective.

Protect your family, your community, and your country by taking part in mosquito abatement and tick control services for your property. Here at Thomas Pest Services we use an integrated approach to reduce the number of mosquitoes and ticks on your property because it's the most comprehensive and successful treatment available. The United States is one of the safest places on Earth. Together, we can keep it that way.

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