The Impact Of Ignoring A Rodent Problem

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When rodents get into New York homes, the response of homeowners is sometimes surprising. Rather than dealing with the infestation quickly and decisively, some are tempted to ignore the issue and hope it goes away. Why? Probably because New Yorkers are tough, independent, and strong--and not likely to be bothered by something as trivial as rodent droppings in the backs of the kitchen drawers, occasional thumps in the walls, and some chew holes in pantry items. But, ignoring a rodent problem could have a bigger impact than you think.

We all know that rodents chew holes, but are you aware of what all that chewing can do to you and your family?

  • If left untreated, rodents will chew on lots of things. Over time, this will lead to insulation being thinned out, openings that could allow heat to escape and water to get in, damage to sheetrock, and more.

  • All that chewing could lead to a severed wire, and result in a house fire.

  • Rodent holes can also allow water into your home. This can damage the structure of your house and lead to mold--and all of the medical implications that come with having mold.

When rodents enter a home, sometimes they don't come alone.

  • Wild animals, especially creatures with fur, have the potential to bring parasites into a home they are invading, much in the same way a dog or cat can. So, if you have a flea infestation, you may be blaming the wrong animal. Those fleas could have been brought into your home by rodents. And, fleas aren't the only parasites that can infest a home without being linked to rodents. If you were to discover that one of your children has lice, where would you think that lice came from? That's right, someone at their school. But a lice infestation has to begin somewhere. If you don't deal with a rodent problem, you could end up with a much more frustrating situation.

  • When rodents chew holes into your home, those holes can allow other creatures in as well. It isn't uncommon for a rodent infestation to be accompanied by another type of infestation. The longer a rodent problem goes untreated, the more a home is impacted by other bugs and wildlife.

The worst part about leaving a rodent infestation untreated is that all of the issues connected to rodents will increase over time: more mysterious illnesses and missed school or work days, more unwanted sounds, more unwanted smells, more damage, more pest invasions, and more holes in your stored food packages.

Can you live with rodents? Yes. Many people do. But, why live with rodents when getting rid of them is as easy as calling Thomas Pest Services? Get a quality of life upgrade. With rodent control services you can get those rodents out and keep them out.

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