Spring Means Wildlife Problems

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We all love spring. The weather is warmer, the flowers are in bloom, and the wildlife is out and about. With spring comes new life, new outdoor fun, and new problems with wildlife. As the weather continues to improve, the worse your wildlife problem will become. Here are a few springtime offenders in the Northeast.

  1. Skunks - Skunks are a smelly nuisance that have claimed a clean dog or two in the Capital Region. Skunks startle easily, and as a result, you get sprayed. Skunks are active in the springtime because all their favorite grubs and bugs that they like to snack on are active in your yard. Skunks will generally avoid people and pets, but if they are hiding in an area near your home and find good eats on your property, they will keep coming back. Many clients have had skunks living and breeding under their sheds, under bushes, and in crawl spaces. Skunks carry rabies and ticks, so not only do they smell, but they are a health concern as well.

  2. Raccoons - These pesky mammals are common around Albany. Raccoons sneak into your garbage, decimate your plants, and if they get into your home, they will destroy it. Raccoons are clever and cunning, which makes them difficult to control on your own. Raccoons leave feces, they tear holes in siding and insulation, and they have decimated air ducts in attics.

  3. Squirrels - If you have a bird feeder, animal food, a garden, or fruit trees, you have squirrels. You have more than one or two; you have a whole crew of them. Squirrels can eat your garden, damage the outside of your home, and even take up shelter in your attic.

  4. Bats - Bats are problematic for many reasons, primarily rabies and destruction. The NY Dept of Health releases their annual bats and rabies campaign every year, but bats also carry other diseases that can cause illness in children and people with compromised immune systems. Bats cause significant structural damage to homes, leaving urine and feces everywhere, which will eventually cause structures to fall.

  5. Groundhogs - Finally, the groundhog! The groundhog is a common pest in the Albany area. As your garden grows and your flowers bloom, the groundhog is right there to burrow down deep - under fences - and consume the spoils of your hard work. Groundhogs prefer not to be around people, but your deck and shed provide enticing places to hide. Once a groundhog moves in, good luck getting it out.

These are just a few springtime pests that we see in the Capital District. You have tried everything to get rid of them without killing them, but nothing seems to work. Let Thomas Pest Services help you out. Wildlife removal in the Albany area includes a thorough inspection, safe and humane removal, and a tailored plan to repair damages done to your home.

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