Pests To Look For While Decorating For Christmas

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I think it’s fairly agreed upon that the holiday season is the best time of the year. Wrapping gifts, eating foolish amounts of food, seeing friends and family. Tradition fills the air as we light our fires and scramble to remember what boxes of decorations were stored where, sending us digging through the attic and ransacking the basement for our tree ornaments and window hangings, ready to transform our homes as so many of us do each year. And then there's the adventure of finding that perfect tree or wreath to top it all off!

Don’t worry, your tree really is perfect….. Though maybe not in the same sense that you see it. The truth is, your tree is perfect in the sense that it’s a perfect home for pests! Remember those boxes full of decorations you just found in the attic? Well, they have likely been there since last year and just so happen to be a perfectly cozy place for pests as well. One of the easiest ways for a pest to explore your home is for you to help it! Getting from the attic to the living room or from the forest to your kitchen really is not so hard when you have a little lift after all.

A common place for pests to hide is your attic. Often times it's dark, out of mother nature's grasp, maybe damp, and usually left alone by people. Those decorations you have been seeking out, some of which make perfect bedding and even better hiding places, likely have tenants that we may or may not see. Spiders, mice and bugs such as silverfish just so happen to love these types of places. As one of the least traveled rooms in our home, we might not notice all the potential ways for these pests to get in but there very well may be plenty. Once they get in, there is plenty to keep an attic pest content, like those decorations.

It's not uncommon that we find the perfect Christmas tree and in our excitement, rush it to the house to get it set up and show it off. To the great delight of every pest that has recently called it home, and now has an even warmer and more convenient place to overwinter. Often times when we bring in outdoor decorations, we bring mice, squirrels and insects like carpenter ants with it, never thinking to check for them beforehand. From here, they have free run of your home and likely will not have a problem finding somewhere to hang around for awhile. Outside pests can easily get into hard to reach spaces, tearing up insulation and chewing wires, creating potential fire hazards.

Preventing an infestation is always better than trying to get rid of one. Checking over decorations prior to putting them up can help contain an issue if one should arise. Unpacking your decorations in the attic and checking them thoroughly before carrying them through your house can help keep pests in one place and not expose them to other parts of your home should you already have an infestation. If you are bringing in any decorations from the outdoors, always check them first. Shaking them out before you enter as well as a thorough inspection can help prevent future issues.

What about pests already in your home? At Thomas Pest Services we offer a wide variety of year-round pest control and prevention options. From focusing on preventing future infestations to eradicating current ones, our family-owned business will treat your house as we would ours. Our Complete Care Program will monitor all living areas as well as basements and attics and include both interior and exterior treatments. We will focus on common pests such as ants, mice, yellow jackets, wasps and hornets that are visible along with other general nuisance insects. Don’t let pests put a damper on your holidays, call us today for your free estimate and let our pest professionals take over from there! 

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