Most Common Basement Dwelling Pests In Albany

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The frequent culprits hiding in our basements include camel crickets, earwigs, spiders, and springtails. It is very unsettling to go down your basement stairs knowing that these creatures are lurking there, just waiting to jump out at you or scurry past your feet to startle you. Just the thought of it makes you want to shiver!

Let’s take a look at each creepy critter and why they have decided that your basement should be theirs too:

Camel crickets look like creepy spiders, so if you saw one you would think it was just a very strange spider. They hide in dark corners and tend to jump out at you, scaring you half to death. They have come to be known as spider crickets or sprickets, (if you are into those cross-between types of names). It’s bad enough that these types of crickets are dwelling in basements, but there are about 100 different kinds of camel crickets here in North America to worry about! These guys don’t chirp or make any sound at all. They do eat plants, fungus, fiber, and other insects. In large quantities, camel crickets damage plants and fabrics inside and outside of your home. They most certainly love moisture, hence why you will find them in your basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

Earwigs are creepy looking insects that have pinchers but seldom pinch. No, they will not crawl into your ear, tunnel into your brain, and lay eggs. That’s just a story, and not true at all. Usually, these guys are outside, but if it’s too dry out they will seek moisture indoors. Similar to the camel cricket, they can be found in basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. They are considered a nuisance and will feed on plants and other insects.

Spiders come in various sizes and colors. Common spiders in New York are wolf spiders, jumping spiders, and house spiders. Of those three, the wolf spider is the only one that may bite, but they are harmless. House spiders are the ones that create all of those wispy webs all over the house on the ceiling and in corners that you need a broom to sweep away. Not quite as common are the poisonous brown recluse or black widow spiders. Spiders, in general, usually come inside when it gets cold. They can also hide in items such as produce, boxes, and firewood and accidentally be transported indoors as well. They can be found in dark areas of your basement, under beds, and anywhere else it is dark and damp.

Springtails... What on earth are they? Well, they are an insect that have an appendage like a fork that propels them forward. They are strange looking; brown, grey or black in color and have scales that protect them. They are a nuisance, and not dangerous to humans. Extreme weather can drive them inside your home or they can come in on plants that you purchase and bring indoors.

What you need to know to prevent these insects from invading your basement:

  • Make sure you repair screens, vents, and gaps around windows and doors

  • Reduce areas of moisture by using dehumidifiers and fixing leaky pipes

  • Use fans and vents to keep your home as dry as possible

  • Keep any source of moisture away from your home by using gutters and downspouts

  • Inspect soil and plants before bringing them into your home

  • Keep areas around your foundation free of weeds and tall grass

  • Do not use mulch, ground covers, and such near your foundation

  • Keep firewood away from your home and on pallets when possible

  • Use weather stripping on windows and doors

  • Seal holes in your foundation

  • Inspect boxes and firewood before bringing them inside

  • Use sticky fly strips around areas that insects frequently gain entry

Does this sound like a lot of work even if it may be beneficial? Something else that is not as much work and well worth the cost is a pest control service like those offered here at Thomas Pest Services. Our home pest protection plans can prevent these types of infestations and put your mind at ease. No more dreading the walk down the basement stairs, wondering if a camel cricket will jump out at you or an earwig will cross your path.

When basement pests abound in your home, give the experts here at Thomas Pest Services a call. We will be happy to discuss all the details with you and begin your pest protection plan today.

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