Camel Crickets

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camel cricket

What do camel crickets look like?

A large type of cricket, camel crickets have large rear legs and humpbacks. They also have antennae that are usually larger than their bodies.



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Are camel crickets dangerous?

Not to your health, no but camel crickets may damage clothing, curtains and other household items with their chewing.

Why do I have a camel cricket problem?

Camel crickets are also commonly referred to as cave crickets and that is an apt name, as this type of cricket likes to seek shelter in “cave-like” places. In other words, these insects like cool, dark and damp places, which can describe many basements in New York. If there are openings on the exterior of your home, you are likely to have camel crickets wandering in.

How do you get rid of camel crickets?

If you have camel crickets inside your home, you are likely to have other occasional invaders and maybe even rodents. In that case, you should contact Thomas Pest Services. We offer residential pest control services that protect your home and family from pest invaders. Our New York pest control company also offers commercial pest control services for businesses fighting insects and rodents.

Camel cricket prevention tips

In order to keep camel crickets and other pests out, it is important to seal any potential opening on the outside of the house. This means any cracks in the foundation, gaps around the windows and doors, openings around vents and utility entrances and any other potential entry points that would allow small pests in. Other ways to prevent pests is to eliminate potential food sources and correct any moisture issues and leaking pipes.

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