Christmas Decorating Tips

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Once again it is that magical time of year; the time of year when you go into your basement or attic and dig out the boxes and boxes of holiday decorations that have been collected over many years. Ready to decorate your home with your family, you open the first box and bam; you are not greeted with happy memories but with mouse droppings and ornaments that have been chewed to pieces! The pest control experts at Thomas Pest Services want to provide you with some information to help prevent the above scenario from happening in your home this holiday season!
When it is time to unpack those boxes of holiday decorations, you need to be on the lookout for more than just the glitter that often covers your home in the decorating process; you should also be looking for evidence of mice, spiders, silverfish, and other insects living inside the decorations. Insects and rodents can chew through, create holes in, and cover holiday decorations in their excrement- bah humbug!
If when opening boxes of holiday decorations you notice signs of pests and their damages, you should first discard any that have been damage or soiled, along with the box that they were stored in. Second, you should contact the pest control experts at Thomas Pest Services; we can safely solve any holiday pest problems and put in place year-round services to protect your home and belongings from pests throughout the entire year. Through the pest control services provided by Thomas, you can be sure that winter holiday decorations, summer Fourth of July decorations, and the decorations for every holiday in between that are stored within your home will be free of pests.
It addition to putting in place a pest protection plan for your home, the packing tips below provided by the experts at Thomas will greatly reduce the chances of rodents and insects making your holiday decorations a place that they call home.

  • Edible decorations that are created during the holiday season are without a doubt adorable, but they are something that should not be stored and kept until the next year. Edible decorations should have a picture taken of them for the memory, and then be discarded.

  • Before storing away holiday themed kitchen towels, place mats, table cloths, and other like items they should be thoroughly washed and dried to remove any food and other debris from them.

  • Take cardboard storage boxes and place them in the recycling bin; replace cardboard boxes with plastic storage containers that have tight fitting, locking lids. Plastic storage containers do a great job of protecting decorations from damages due to invading pests.

  • When packing away your holiday decorations, it is a good time to organize and de-clutter the storage area. The less clutter, the less attractive your home will be to rodents, insects, and other pests.

If you discover any pest activity in your home this holiday season, don’t delay; call the pest experts at Thomas Pest Services as soon as possible. We have the experience needed to quickly get rid of pest problems, and the services required to keep your Albany home and belongings free of pests all year long! Happy Holidays from the pest control experts at Thomas Pest Services!

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