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Bed bugs, contrary to the name, are not just found in beds. This persistent hitchhiking bug can show up just about anywhere there is an influx of people. Without a doubt, bed bugs are commonly found in every state throughout the United States. New York is no exception with Albany, NY, being listed in the Top 50 Bed Bug Cities for 2015.

Bed bugs are not an automatic sign of filth or unsanitary conditions. They show up in upscale motels, hospitals, nursing homes, train stations, schools, and dormitories. Offices and apartment complexes have had issues with bed bugs. In Albany, both residential homes and commercial facilities have called for assistance in exterminating these pesky bugs.

An exceptional amount of travel has taken place in the past three months. Thanksgiving and Christmas always bring travelers that frequent public transportation and motels as they visit family and friends during the holidays. The Christmas season is also a time when thousands of college students travel home and back to school again. All these trips lend opportunity for bed bugs to hitchhike a ride and infiltrate one’s home or business.

Entomologists are quick to tell you that bed bugs are very difficult to exterminate without professional services. They can travel in luggage and on your clothing. While they do not fly or jump, bed bugs can quickly crawl up walls and across ceilings, moving unnoticed from one room to another quickly and quietly.

Thomas Pest Services, a family owned pest control company, has been servicing residential and commercial customers for more than 65 years. Our highly trained technicians understand the difficulty in treatment of these nocturnal pests. The bed bug is able to hide in the smallest of cracks from the ribbing on the edge of your mattress to slipping behind wall paper and inside wall receptacles and light switch covers.

Being very adept to hitchhiking, experts at hiding, and quick to reproduce are three reasons Thomas Pest Services recommends following prevention tips regularly.

  • Be quick to identify bed bugs, being aware of the appearance and telltale signs of an infestation.

  • Never bring used furniture or clothing into the home without a thorough inspection.

  • Examine luggage closely upon arriving home from a trip.

  • Wash and dry clothing immediately using hot settings when returning home from a trip.

  • Clean all bed clothing and mop and vacuum floors as soon as guests depart.

Don’t hesitate to contact Thomas Pest Services of Albany, New York, the very moment you are suspicious of a bed bug infestation. Thomas offers comprehensive bed bug services including bed bug heat treatments to insure successful eradication of these bugs.


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