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raccoon in new york

Common Wildlife Threats New York Residents Should Always Be Ready For

Preparing for wildlife this fall in New York should include prevention of common wildlife threats. These threats include squirrels, raccoons, and bats. So, while the leaves are changing and the temperatures drop, wildlife pests are seeking out warmer environments in which to survive the winter months. Continue


4 Signs That You May Have Bats

Among the animals that can invade our homes, bats are quite unique. There are few creatures that creep us out as much as bats do, but at the same time, most people don't consider bats to be a threat. Why is this? It’s probably because bats aren’t normally a threat. Ask anyone who has ever visited a literal bat cave. Bats will fly all around and pay no attention to you at all. These are… Continue

wildlife technician in albany

Wildlife In Albany Beginning To Hinder Residents

It is during the spring and early summer that new life begins to appear. Flowers begin blooming, trees bud out, fruit trees blossom, and baby birds begin chirping, anxious to try out their wings. This is also the time that baby rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, and other forms of wildlife begin to appear. However, these darling little creatures only stay small and cute for a very short period of time… Continue

flying squirrel in tree

Flying Squirrels in New York?

Yes, flying squirrels do exist here in New York, but very few people ever get to see one in action. These are nocturnal creatures. So, when they take to the air, all you're likely to see is a dark blur gliding through the night sky. Continue


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