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flea on skin

Are Schenectady Homeowners Without Pets Still at Risk for Fleas?

The answer to the above question is, yes. But we wish it weren't so. Fleas are horrible pests. When they get in, they can make you feel like a prisoner in your own home. And pet owners don't have the exclusive privilege of having flea infestations. Continue

flea on gray background

How Are Fleas Getting Onto My Pets?

Flea infestations seem to appear out of nowhere, especially during the summer! But how are these fleas getting into your home? Continue

flea on gray background

What Do Fleas Look Like In Albany?

Do you like being bitten by insects? Isn't it fun to scratch endlessly at little red bumps? No? So you keep waking up with itchy bites that drive you crazy, but you aren't sure what is biting you. Well, if those bites are concentrated around your ankles, you may be dealing with fleas, and if you have found this article then you are probably looking for information about how to identify these tiny… Continue

flea close up

What Do Fleas Look Like?

Fleas can be a real threat to a family. That is why it is so important to know what fleas look like when you see one. Continue


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