Woodpecker Prevention Tips

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Have you ever been out walking in the woods, perhaps with your children, and heard a rat-a-tat-tat-tat-tat in the distance, and found that it was a woodpecker tapping on a tree? What did you do? Did you stop and watch it? Did your kids get excited? It is fun catching a woodpecker tapping on a tree in the woods. It is even fun to find one tapping on a telephone pole near your house. But when that woodpecker starts tap tap tapping on the wood of your home, that's when the fun stops.

Why do those woodpeckers peck? They are searching for insects. And, the reason they tap on a tree in the forest is the same reason they tap on your home. They are trying to get at those insects. This can make small insect holes much larger, and allow larger creatures to invade your home.

How do you get rid of woodpeckers?

You may be tempted to try to remove this bird on your own, but you should understand that killing woodpeckers is actually illegal. These birds are federally protected creatures (protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act) and in order to kill one, you need to obtain a special permit. Let's face it, we still have a lot of fun watching these birds, we just don't want them destroying your home and leading the way for other creatures to do the same. Right? Here are some tips that should help you stop those woodpeckers from targeting your home.

  • Inspect your home for holes, gaps or cracks that allow insects in, and seal those holes up. If you keep insects out, you will naturally deter woodpeckers.

  • Let your kids and pets play outside often, and consider putting up flags, or hanging items that move in the wind. The more activity around your home, the less likely woodpeckers will hang around.

  • Install visual deterrents such as owl or hawk statues.

  • Do not keep bird feeders or suet close to your home or outbuildings. Note: Suet can be used to lure woodpeckers away from your home. Place suet close to where the woodpecker is doing damage, then slowly move the feeder away from your home. This may work since suet is a preferable (and easy) food source for woodpeckers.

What do you do if woodpeckers won't leave?

Woodpeckers are territorial and may not want to leave your house alone. If this happens, you may need professional assistance. The wildlife experts here at Thomas Pest Services are standing by to help. And not only can we take care of your woodpecker problem, we can assist you in eradicating the insects within your home that attracted the woodpeckers in the first place. It is a win-win. Contact us today to schedule service.

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