Why Do Mosquitoes Love Me?

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After about 10 minutes of sitting on the deck in the evening, I throw in the towel and head inside to escape the mosquitoes. Though mosquitoes seem like they'll attack anything with a pulse, there are some individuals who are more likely to gain the attention of these annoying pests. So the next time you head outside when mosquitoes are active and before you bathe in bug spray that may or may not work, take a moment to read what attracts these biting pests.

The thing I didn’t know realize is that I'm not alone in this mosquito battle. There are actually studies that have been completed that have identified elements that will draw mosquitoes in like a magnet.

Carbon Dioxide

This is what mosquitoes use as a radar to locate their prey. The more carbon dioxide you produce the more likely mosquitoes are to find you and bite you. If you're looking for a reason not to exercise, this is it! Exercise produces more carbon dioxide for awhile and will attract more mosquitoes.

Being Hot

No I do not mean attractive, I'm referring to your body temperature. The hotter you are the easier it is for a mosquito to find a good area to bite you.


Did you just get a visual of a bunch of female mosquitoes lining both sides of a runway like I did? Apparently what you wear matters to these bugs. No, they're not the fashion police, they just find dark clothing easier to find. If black is your color, stay inside when mosquitoes are most active.


Some studies show that certain chemicals exhaled will attract mosquitoes. One chemical is estrogen which may be why mosquitoes tend to be more attracted to me rather than my husband (who is often sitting right next to me).

For more information on these studies visit http://abcnews.go.com/Health/things-make-mosquito-magnet/story?id=24676818#

Now, here are few tips on how to avoid encounters with these pests this summer.

  • Wear light-colored clothing, preferably long-sleeved shirts and pants when spending time outside.

  • Apply a mosquito repellant that contains DEET. Of course, talk to your family doctor before applying to kids.

  • Avoid spending time outdoors when mosquito activity is high, typically dawn and dusk.

  • Cover your windows and doors with screens to keep them outside.

  • Eliminate stagnant water that might be on your property. This includes drainage ditches, kid pools, bird baths, old flower pots etc. A good rule of thumb, anything that will collect water is a prime place for mosquitoes to breed.

  • Sign up for mosquito control from Thomas Pest Services and protect your family from mosquito bites this summer!

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