What To Look For When Summer Vacation Ends

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You took the time to carefully research all of the best vacation spots before deciding where to go and you finally found the perfect place to take your family before the end of summer vacation. It was so much fun spending quality time with them, you didn’t want it to end. It was the best trip you have ever taken; the memories you shared there will last forever. You laughed, played, talked, saw all of the sites and took the time to relax. You were vigilant through the entire trip and checked the hotel room for bed bugs before bringing your luggage in. Luckily, you knew what to look for and didn’t see any of the signs.

You searched around the beds, frames and headboard. You looked inside the bed sheets, mattress covering and behind pictures for any sign of bed bugs. You covered every inch of your rooms and didn’t find any live bed bugs, carcasses, tiny drops of dried blood or feces anywhere. You knew then it was safe to settle in for a great vacation.

Now that you have returned, you will take some precautions to make sure that no uninvited pests returned with your family. Even though you didn’t experience any problems with bed bugs while on your trip, that doesn’t mean your didn’t get exposed to some at some point. You thought you saw one in the taxi from the airport, but when you looked for it, it was gone, maybe on your shoes or luggage. Bed bugs can be picked up in any type of public transportation, sleeping accommodations, movie theaters and other public places. They can crawl from one person or item to another very easily looking for their next blood meal. Bed bugs are parasites so they are looking for a feast of human blood in order to survive and reproduce. They are pretty hardy though and can go for long lengths of time without a blood meal.

So before re-entering your home after vacation, it was important for you to search for bed bugs on your luggage, clothing, shoes and other items. Then remove items from your luggage and inspect them as well, taking care to wash all items that went with you in hot soapy water. All of your clothing went through the wash, including the clothing you came home in. You also wiped down shoes and vacuumed out your luggage.

So, you wonder how does someone completely avoid bed bugs all year long, even after vacationing, or kids bringing them home from sleepovers? What if you do end up with a bed bug infestation next time? Simply put, a pest control company is the best solution. If you live in Albany, the Capital District and Adirondack region, you can call on the professionals at Thomas Pest Services. They are professionals that know how to get rid of your bed bug infestation efficiently and effectively.

You won’t be able to get rid of them easily on your own. Thomas Pest Services can get rid of all stages of bed bugs, including eggs and nymphs using eco-friendly heat treatments that can be performed quickly and thoroughly. Give Thomas Pest Services a call for more information!

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