Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Silverfish

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Are you familiar with silverfish? If you aren't, it isn't surprising. This is a pest few people really know all that much about. But you should. While silverfish aren't likely to bite you, and they don't carry poison inside their bodies, this is not an insect you should ever have in your home. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about silverfish:

  1. Silverfish love books. No, they don't read them. These little silver pests eat them. If you have shelves full of books, silverfish can do a ton of damage that may take you months to discover and when you do discover the damage, it can be widespread.

  2. Silverfish love drapes. No, they don't admire them. When this pest gets into a home, no draperies are going to be safe from their presence. Not only do they chew holes in draperies, they also leave yellowish stains from their excrement.

  3. Silverfish love your clothing. No, they don't think you have great fashion sense. These pests eat holes in clothing. It isn't so much that they are drawn to the threads clothing is made from, but rather the glues that hold fabrics together.

  4. Silverfish eat glue. No, they aren't a little crazy. They are actually drawn to the starches found in the glue. This can make them a danger to the wallpaper in your home.

  5. Silverfish love paintings and photography. No, it isn't that they have an eye for art, it is more that they have good taste, literally. Your paintings and photographs taste good to these invaders.

  6. Silverfish prefer the places you keep your keepsakes. No, they aren't stealing your Grandmothers china out of storage. These insects prefer dark damp places and since many of us leave our keepsakes in basements, it can make them a target for silverfish.

  7. Silverfish eat regular food too! No, they don't just eat our belongings. These pests will also eat coffee, sugar, and other food products that have starches in them and that makes them a pantry pest as well as a threat to your stuff.

  8. Silverfish love you. No, not in a love, want to marry you kind of way; more specifically, silverfish love your hair and eyelashes. If you find these pests crawling on you at night, it may be that they're looking for a bite to eat.

  9. Silverfish are really an alarm. No, not the type of alarm that you need to call the fire department or police, but they are a sign that should alarm you because you may have water damage in or around your home. This is not a pest that is going to chew its way into your home. They come in through holes caused by other creatures and they are drawn to moisture.

  10. Silverfish can be prevented. No, it's not one of the 'do-it-yourself' types of projects. Pest prevention and pest control are best left up to the professionals.

If you live in our New York service area, the educated team here at Thomas Pest Services can help you eradicate these invading pests and seal them out. Connect to us quickly and easily right here on our webpage and get these pests taken care of before they do damage.

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