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Mosquitoes can be a real ‘pain in the you know what’ during the warmer seasons. These pesky little bugs are always buzzing around your ears when you go outside. They whisper annoying thoughts into your ears about the itchy irritating red spot that they are going to leave after biting you. They seem to multiply rapidly and circle around you in numerous amounts. And I don’t know about you, but it always seems like they like me best. Everyone else is enjoying the outdoors while I flail my arms around my head trying to ninja chop the swarms of irritating mosquitoes out of the air!

The good news is that there are a few things you can do to stay off their radar. I am willing to accept this ‘mission impossible’ to keep the mosquitoes away. This will help us better enjoy the warmer months and all of the outdoor fun. Here is your mission if you choose to accept it. If not you should probably just stay inside.

  • First off, you are going to want to set up a good mosquito free perimeter around your property. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water sources, so start by removing all of them or changing the water out daily.

  • Next, you need to time your outdoor missions appropriately. Mosquitoes are most active during dawn and dusk. Try to avoid being outside during these hours as much as possible.

  • Clothing choices make a difference on these missions outside. Mosquitoes are attracted to dark clothing. Avoid the black jump suits and stay off the mosquito radar.

  • Avoid any type of perfume or fragrance smell when you plan on going outside. This can be perfume, hairspray or lotions. Mosquitoes are attracted to these sweet smells.  They are also attracted to body odor so remember that if you're planning on going for a run.  

  • Don’t forget you invisible protective shield. Insect repellant is a sure and great shield of protection. Bug spray including DEET is the best choice for defense against these flying enemies.

If you feel you are not up for completing this mission alone, contact the mosquito control specialists here at Thomas Pest Services and we will help you defend your family and your property from these pesky little mosquitoes. Our professionals will help you setup a solid perimeter around your property and drastically decrease your mosquito population this year, so that you can have a completed mission of gaining back your property and ultimately your summer!  Contact us today!

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