Rodents Season Returns To New York

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It’s that time of year again. Seasons are changing and, with them, the weather. As the temperature drops, in unison with a million falling leaves, a pest seeks shelter from the cold in the warmth of a suburban home. Climbing up the siding, perhaps not without a few shingles falling, a squirrel finds entrance through a roof soffit and into a snug and cozy attic. Here he will shelter through the colder months, chewing on things and defecating to his heart's content. As beautiful as this story sounds, no one wants their home to be the setting of this story.

Rodent Season II (Return of The Rodent)

As the cold weather returns, with it, returns rodents, at least to inviting homes that is. During the summer months, mice, squirrels, and rats don’t need to worry much about the weather. Sheltering in nature is more than a suitable way to hide from the elements. But, as winter approaches, an innate search for warmth begins in the heart of every rodent. This search often leads them to a warm home.

Rodent Season III (Rodent Strikes Back)

Once inside a home, rodents become quite a nuisance, as well as a serious threat to the residents' health and safety. It is possible for a rodent to chew a wire or two, especially if said wires are blocking his path. This could be made evident if the electricity of your home begins to act weird, such as, if you plug your phone in to find that the wall socket has stopped working.

Rats and mice have also been known to chew through the structure of homes to reach new locations. If you find a hole in the base of your wall that was caused by a mouse or rat, it's a fair guess that that's just the beginning of the damage. On top of all this, rodents are known carriers of a variety of dangerous diseases. When the lights go off at night, and sometimes even in broad daylight, rodents will leave their hiding places in your walls and attic to venture out for a snack. This more often than not leads them to the food in your kitchen. With feces-covered paws they scavenge, across leftovers, through cereal boxes, and over counter tops, spreading filth and bacteria with every step.

Rodent Season IV (The Last Rodent)

If you suspect your New York home to have rodents, it is extremely important to call a professional. Here at Thomas Pest Services, we are just that. We have trained pest technicians standing by for your rodent removal needs. See how Thomas Pest can help make your home pest free, down to the last rodent.

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