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When you think about controlling flies in your home, calling a professional pest control company probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. After a few waves of your hand, you're off to get the fly swatter. But, will that fly swatter really fix your problem? Here are some things you may not know about flies that might just make you reconsider your strategy.

  1. Flies don't stop. Ever - In the history of mankind, swatting a fly has never solved a fly problem. You can kill a hundred flies a day, every day, and never run out of flies. They just keep coming; but, for most of us, we're not killing a hundred flies. We're killing only one or two. If we were dealing with swarms of flies every day, we probably wouldn't hesitate to call a professional pest controller.

  2. Flies aren't harmless - Since most of us only get a few flies bothering us in a day, we just deal with them. Sure, they are irritating, but they're harmless - Right? Actually, those flies aren't as harmless as you might think. They are prone to going into the trash, especially bathroom trash, and spreading harmful bacteria around your home. That fly walking around on your hamburger bun could be the same fly that walked on something unmentionable in your trash or under your toilet rim.

  3. Flies are only the beginning - When you have flies in your home, they aren't just a nuisance and a spreader of illness. Flies are food for other insects like spiders and centipedes. If you don't address that fly problem, you could be allowing other pest problems to grow.

  4. You have to go to the source - You're going to be killing flies and other pests all day, every day, until you get rid of breeding sites and seal up your exterior walls, but this can be a daunting task. It doesn't take much of a hole for pests to get into your home, and since flies can--well, fly--they are even harder to exclude. This is why it is so important to get signed up for professional pest control with a pest control company. Keeping pests out of a home requires specialized knowledge that only pest technicians have.

Calling a pest control company may not have been the first idea that came into your head when that fly crawled across your computer monitor or bashed you in the face while you were watching television, but hopefully it will be from now on. Flies spread disease and attract other household pests.

When you're ready to stop swatting flies, and stop living with the other pests those flies attract, give us a call. Thomas Pest Control has served Albany with superior pest control services for nearly 60 years. We use the latest products and technologies to ensure that pests are eliminated for good – and safely. Our knowledgeable technicians will be happy to match you with a pest control plan that will help you create a pest free environment in your home.

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