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Learn More About Flies

Flies are a pest species that are commonly found invading homes; they are particularly drawn to food and moisture sources. Flies are in the family Diptera, and therefore only have one pair of wings. They are weak fliers, continuously taking off and landing, spreading any bacteria that are found on their legs and body as they go.

Flies are attracted to things like garbage, fruits, vegetables, animal carcasses, and animal feces; they land on those items to feed on and lay their eggs in them. Flies have spongy mouthparts and can only feed on liquid items; in order to feed; they must regurgitate the solid food, and then eat the liquid. This process only increases the amount of bacteria that they pick up and spread around your home.

The best way to prevent flies from invading your property is to remove things around your home and property that may attract them to it. Making sure to secure garbage in cans with secure lids, pick up fallen fruits and vegetables from garden areas, fixing leaky pipes and fixtures, and routinely picking up pet feces can help to deter flies.

To stop problems with flies in your home make sure that screens in windows and doors are intact; seal gaps found around windows and doors, and install door sweeps. Inside your home, it is also a good idea to store food in the refrigerator or sealed containers, regularly remove garbage, routinely wash dishes, and clean out sink drains.

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