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Learn more about the different types of stinging insects in New York including honey bees and yellow jackets.  

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Learn More About Bees And Wasps

Bees and wasps seem to have a bad reputation, they are mostly known for being stinging insects that are capable of leaving painful raised welts on our skin. However, bees and wasps are important parts of our eco-system because they are responsible for pollinating a large variety of flowers and crops, and predatory species feed on nuisance insects helping to keep their numbers down.

Bees and wasps can be social insects and will sometimes have thousands of members living in a nest or they can be solitary and live on their own. Depending on the species, some create aerial paper nests, some create nests close to the ground or even in the ground, and some may bore holes in wood to use as a nesting area.

Bees and wasps are considered to be dangerous because of their ability to sting. Some bee species have a barbed stinger and can only sting a victim once, while some wasps and other species have a smooth stinger allowing them to sting a victim multiple times. The venom from a bee or wasp is potent enough to cause a severe allergic reaction in some people that requires immediate medical attention in order to prevent serious complications.

Despite being dangerous, bees and wasps are beneficial to the environment and as long as a nest is not in your home, near a door, or other area that is in close proximity to you, your family, and pets, it is best to leave the nest alone. However, if the nest is located on or very close to your home it is important to have a professional come to remove or relocate it.

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