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Most homeowners are aware that cockroaches are pests they absolutely do not want living inside their home. What many homeowners aren’t aware of, however, is that a cockroach is not “just” a cockroach; there are many different species of this pests. Knowing which of them have invaded your home is important so that the infestation can be properly treated and you can take necessary prevention steps to prevent their return. One of the more common species that live in our area and that will become especially active during the upcoming summer season is the American cockroach.

American cockroaches are often distinguished from other species of roaches by their large size and a unique yellow “figure-8” marking found on the back of their head. Their bodies are reddish-brown in color and they are winged and are very good fliers. Compared to their cousins (German roaches and Oriental roaches) American roaches spend more of their time living outside on trees, underneath of mulch, and in flower bed. American roaches love the warm humid weather and so they become very active during the summer season which unfortunately means that there is more of a possibility of finding these 2-inch roaches in our homes searching for food and water sources. Inside, American roaches are typically found living and hiding out in warm humid environments including bathrooms and basements.

Unlike their cousin the German cockroach, who often hitchhike to gain entry to homes, American cockroaches typically find a way in on their own. They will fly through open windows and doors, take advantage of torn screens, crawl in through floor drains, gain access through spaces found around pipes, or wander in through unsecured vents. Once they get inside your home, the real trouble begins, because they bring a whole host of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and pathogens that they have picked up on their travels with them. As the American roach travels across your home in the search of food and water, they will leave behind excrement and spread bacteria and disease, all which have the potential to make you and your family very ill. In fact, their shed skin and excrement can trigger serious asthma attacks, especially in young children.

Keeping American cockroaches and other roaches out of your home this summer, and any other time of the year, is important for so many reasons: they introduce diseases, contaminate food, trigger allergic reactions and asthmas attacks. The best way to prevent problems with cockroaches inside your home is to put a professional pest control program into place. A professional pest control program, like the ones offered at Thomas Pest Services, will provide the immediate relief needed from the current cockroach problem that you are experiencing and the routine services needed to prevent their return. To learn more about protecting your home and family from American roaches and other household-invading pests, contact the New York pest control experts at Thomas Pest Services today!

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