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Of all the seasons of the year, the winter season gets the most attention and requires the greatest amount of preparation. This is true with both residential and commercial property owners. Windows and doors are checked for proper seal. In many cases, wood is cut and stored for fireplaces. Outdoor furniture is brought in and put away in preparation of the inevitable winter temperatures and snow. There is an urgency to get things done even though the current weather conditions are still pleasant.

However, property owners are not the only ones who realize winter is coming. The animal kingdom has a keen sense of awareness of the seasons and of time as they begins their preparation for survival during the winter months. Squirrels begin hording nuts but most of their preparation is simply becoming a tenant of your home or business. The most common of these unwelcome guests include raccoons, squirrels, skunks and bats. These and other forms of wildlife can invade your home anytime throughout the year but there is an obvious increase of activity during late fall and early winter. Those rascals simply want a nice, warm place to settle in for the winter months.

You may hear activity inside the walls or attic of your home. It is never a good idea for a novice to attempt to remove any form of wildlife and this would be a good time to contact Thomas Pest Services and discuss our exclusion services. We have the expertise to handle any wildlife problem you may encounter. We employ licensed wildlife control professionals. Our highly trained specialists will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your home and identify the problem.

  • Determine the point of entry.

  • Locate the area of habitation.

  • Remove the intruders in the most humane method possible.

  • Relocate the wildlife back into the wild.

  • Apply optimal exclusion methods with barriers and other pest proofing methods to prevent future invasion.

  • Repair any damage, clean the area of feces, nesting material or food.

Those cute little squirrels and baby raccoons you saw in the spring are no longer appealing. What was entertaining to watch then is now a destructive threat. Animals who take up residence inside buildings are not just being nuisances—they become a risk to the structure of the home. This can include chewing through walls and electrical lines. Another factor is that some forms of wildlife can transmit diseases and threaten the safety of people.

You will get the Thomas Promise when you contact the professionals here at Thomas Pest Services—WE CARE! Our mission is to provide the highest quality of services and guarantee customer satisfaction.

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