Do You Have Bats in Your Home?

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The Northeast is no stranger to bats. When most people think about bats in Albany County, they think rabies, but that is not the only concern residents should have when dealing with bats. Bats are a problem for residents because they can get into the house, spread disease, and cause significant property damage. Do you have bats in your home?

Problems with Bats in the Home

Bats take refuge in area homes as their loss of habitat drives them into the cities, suburbs, and surrounding areas. Bats roost in attics, vacant buildings, sheds, barns, and roofs. When bats get into your home, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage, and where there is one, there are many more to follow.

Residents worry about bats in their home because of the threat of rabies, but in fact, contracting rabies from bats is not as common as popular myths would have you believe. The biggest health risk bats pose is the histoplasmosis. Anyone can get histoplasmosis when exposed to the fungus that grows on bat feces.

The feces also posts a structural risk to your home. The more bats that roost in your home, the harder it is to clean up the feces that soaks in the floorboards, walls, and ceiling. Bats can also cause damage to the plumbing, electrical, and fixtures in the home. They will roost on pipes and claw their way into safe, dark areas such as in wood and insulation.

When bats are in your home, you can lose a lot of sleep. Bats make high pitched chirping noises when they leave, enter, or become active in the roost. The chirping and rustling can keep you and your neighbors awake.

How to Prevent Bats in Your Home

You can take steps to prevent bats in your home. You know that bats like dark, quiet places where they can safely roost. Keep that in mind when you are trying to prevent these pests from entering your home. Here are some helpful tips you can try around your Albany home.

  •   Seal cracks and crevices

  •   Repair and replace loose trim and fascia

  •   Consider installing netting in vents

  •   Call wildlife control professionals

When people think they have bats, they become spooked and began sealing off every hole in the home they can find. Take a breath. If you suspect you have bats in your home, exclusion must come first before you seal your home off. If you seal off your home while the bats are still inside, they will die in your home which can create a bigger problem. Call Thomas Pest Services for wildlife control solutions.  

Thomas Pest Services has a team of experts who provide humane control and prevention of bats and other wildlife in and around your home. We specialize in catch and release, prevention, and repair services for damage caused by bats.


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