All You Need To Know About Roaches In New York

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Dissertations have been written on the insect known as the cockroach. There are some people in this world who find them fascinating. But when it comes to finding roaches in your New York home, there are only a few things you need to know. Here they are in one convenient location--and free of mind-bending science jargon.

What cockroaches do I have to worry about? 

Of the 4,600 species of cockroach in the world, only 30 species have any connection to human habitats. Of those 30 species, only three will drive you crazy in New York. They are the American cockroach, the German cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach.

How do I keep them out?

Cockroaches can scale walls, ceilings, and even fly, but of the three roaches you'll deal with, only the American cockroach is capable of flight. So, if you have large mahogany roaches, you'll want to take extra caution with window screening.

All of these roaches can slip through tiny cracks, the German cockroach with its small size being the most difficult to exclude. You'll want to make sure that your walls are sealed, weather-stripping and door sweeps are working, and all gaps about pipes are sealed.

Roaches are also hitchhikers. They climb into items and then climb out when they get inside your home. Check grocery bags, luggage, your pocket book, and other hiding places if you suspect you've been somewhere that roaches live. And, be aware that roach eggs do not need the mother to hatch. If you step on a roach, you could bring an infestation into your home inside the tread of your shoe. Yes, I know. Gross.

What are they looking for in my house?

All of these insects are looking for food. If they make it past your screens and door sweeps, you can resist them by making food and water sources scarce. Keep trash sealed. Keep things clean. Deep clean the sides of your stove. Don't leave fruit out. And, make sure you take care of leaks or pipes with condensation.

Can I control roaches in my house by myself?

No. Nor should you try. Homeowners that attempt to manage a cockroach problem on their own find it to be a frustrating endeavor. And, with these dirty insects connected to the spread of diseases, allergens, and harmful bacteria, you need to be sure you're getting rid of the problem and not just treating the symptom. If you find a handful of roaches crawling on your walls in a week, you can be sure there are lots more lurking. 

How do I choose the right pest company?

If you live in the Albany New York region, contact Thomas Pest Services. We employ modern pest management techniques, have an on-staff entomologist, certified professionals, a proven track record of dealing with roaches, and are an Angie's List Super Service Award winner. Homes and businesses in the Capital District and the Adirondack region are in good hands with Thomas Pest Services.

If you live outside their service area, look for a similar company. One with over 60 years of experience, a highly trained and certified staff and with a reputation for excellence and service.

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