You Might Be Dealing with Termites if...

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You Might Be Dealing with Termites if...

You Might Be Dealing with Termites if, you find mud tubes.

Mud tubes are shelter for foraging termites from the ground to the infested wood. Mud tubes are usually the width of a pencil and can sometimes be difficult to see.

You Might Be Dealing with Termites if, you find swarmers.

Often times swarmers are the first indication of a termite problem. You may walk out of a room and return to find swarmers around windows, window sills, doors, light fixtures or vents. Swarming is caused from swarmers emerging from a nesting place to another nesting place in hopes to make their own nest.

You Might Be Dealing with Termites if, you have wood damage.

Subterranean termite damage often goes unnoticed because the termites only eat the spring wood leaving the grain and exterior surface intact. If you notice holes in the wood, dark areas or blisters, contact a termite professional right away.

Thomas Pest Services offers The Sentricon System to eliminate termite problems from Albany NY area homes.  Sentricon does not utilize wood like other termite baiting systems on the market, but appeal bait. Not only does this make sense, but it kills the termites at their source!  The Sentricon Systme is installed in the ground around the perimeter of your home allowing for one of the thousands of tunnels dug by termite workers to come in contact with Sentricon bait. Once the bait is returned to the colony, the termite population begins to feed, ridding your investment of termites. Protect your biggest investment with Thomas Pest Services and The Sentricon System. 

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