Yellow Jackets and Bees

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When I say that I dislike yellow jackets and bees and don’t want to be near them, I’m pretty sure I’m in good company. After all who wants to deal with a sting that causes pain, redness and possibly swelling? I’m also sure that for those allergic to stings, there must be a degree of fear and anxiety that goes along with an encounter with one of these stinging insects. Although these little creatures do have a job to do in our environment, they should be avoided in and around your homes, businesses, schools, and playgrounds.

Most people classify all bee type creatures into one category, when in fact ‘yellow jackets’ are not bees at all. They are wasps. Wasps pose a similar threat to you as bees do except they are highly aggressive. Yellow jackets in particular are one of the most aggressive species and they can sting you over and over again. These little pests are small, black with yellow markings and are equipped with stingers that pack a punch. They often nest in the ground but enjoy building their homes in old stumps of trees in the eaves of houses and buildings as well as in trees and bushes.

Carpenter bees are another common nemesis. They have black shiny abdomens, and while the females are all black, the males are black and orange. They are often mistaken for bumble bees except bumble bees are social insects and gather in groups while carpenter bees are solitary creatures. They will tunnel inside of untreated or unpainted wood to nest causing moderate to severe damage to homes when they invade. Males in this species do not sting, but the females do and are known to cause allergic reaction.

During the summer and fall months, you are also likely to discover ground bees in your yard. Actually solitary wasps, these pests appear in a variety of shades from dull black or brown to a brilliant red or yellow. You may even notice blue digger bees. These stinging insects don’t have a reputation for being aggressive but we still recommend you steer clear of them as they do have the ability to sting. Digger bees (or, if you prefer digger wasps) create holes that resemble anthills and even though they are solitary, it’s very common to find dozens of females nesting in the same area.

If you’ve noticed stinging insects or their nests around your structure or property, give us a buzz (pun intended). We are a family owned and operated pest control company that has been serving Albany and surrounding communities for three generations. We are ready to protect against whatever ‘bee’ is hanging around your property.

When you partner with our Albany pest control experts, you can expect the highest quality pest control service that takes the sting out of yellow jackets and other wasps and bees.

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