Why are there more ants after my ant treatment?

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Although we have said good bye to cold winter days and hello to hot and humid days, there is unfortunately one thing that accompanies warmer days, ant problems. Throughout the Albany area, homes throughout the Capital Region are finding ants marching through their kitchen, outside their home or elsewhere on their property. Although ants are a nuisance and can be hard to get rid of, some can be damaging too.

There are several types of ants found in Albany, NY and surrounding areas:

Acrobat Ants

Carpenter Ants

Odorous House Ants

Pavement Ants

Pharaoh Ants

Thomas Pest Services’ ant treatments are specifically designed to not only get rid of the visible ants, but the ants nesting as well. After an ant control service, it is normal to see an increase in activity. Why, you ask? Whether baiting or using other materials to get rid of ants, after performing an ant treatment the problem will sometimes get worse! Ant problems can get worse depending on the ant treatment method used, but will get better over time.

What can you do as a customer?

  • DO NOT spray the ants with over the counter insecticides! These materials are designed to be a repellent and can make long term control much more difficult.
  • Removing twigs and stumps as well as other wood sources lying around on your property reduces nesting and food sources. Trimming tree limbs and shrubs away from the home is beneficial as well.
  • Keep your home free of any food debris.

If Thomas Pest Services has recently performed an ant control service at your home, please beware ant treatments take time. After you have waited the waiting period requested by your service technician and are still having an ant problem, please give us a call back!  Getting rid of ants is not an easy task and your Clifton Park Pest Control professionals have the knowledge and tools to locate the ant colony, treat the ants and prevent/advise on future ant problems. To learn more about ant control in Clifton Park, Albany and surrounding area, please contact Thomas Pest Services today. 

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