What Squirrels Do

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A squirrel is a rodent

A rodent you see

It climbs on your fences

And lives in your tree

But sometimes in fall

When the weather is colder

It studies your house

For wood that is older

It chews its way in

With teeth made to chew

And gets in your attic

But not for the view

It chitters and chatters

And bumps in the morning

And raids your bird feeder

Without any warning

With little to no

Regard for your feelings

It makes bumping sounds

That pass through your ceilings

So this is the point

The goal of my theses

To rid you of mite carriers

And of their feces

Get a pest control company

To check for those critters

That bring in their parasites

And give you the jitters

They'll make sure no squirrel

Is trapped in your rafters

When they seal up your walls

Like the best of wood crafters

And if it is needed

They'll put into place

Deterrents like spikes

And that's better than mace

To give squirrels incentive

To stay in their trees

With their ticks and their worms

And all of those fleas

And then you can sleep

You'll finally be freed

From squirrel rodent dangers

And that's good news indeed

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