What happens to termites in the winter?

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As true of all cold-blooded creatures, temperature strongly influences termite activity. Studies have shown that subterranean termites will not forage in areas where upper level soil temperatures are either too hot or too cold. The optimum temperatures for termites range from 75°F to 95°F. Through their movements, termites are able to avoid such extremes and exploit areas where temperatures are more suitable. During the year, for example, the center of colony activity may shift from the outer to inner portion of a log, or from the soil surface to areas deep underground where temperatures are more moderate.

What happens to termites in the winter?

  • In areas where winters are mild, termites may be active year round.
  • In colder climates, like here in the northeastern United States, subterranean termites retreat from the soil surface.
  • In late fall termites move deeper into the ground where temperatures are more moderate with depths greater than 40 inches during winter.
  • Termites retreating to such depths, so termite colonies are able to in an inactive state in the winter.
  • Tree stumps, logs and other large wooden objects above ground also can serve as overwintering sites for termites and provide refuge against otherwise lethal temperatures.
  • When termites are discovered in such places during cold weather, they may appear frozen and immobile; however, they often soon recover when held at warmer temperatures.
  • Subterranean termites can remain active year-round in centrally heated buildings.

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