Tree-devouring Ash Borer Beetles Hits Albany Region

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The Times Union in Albany reports yesterday that an invasive Chinese beetle that has killed millions of ash trees across the Midwest has made its first appearance in Albany County. This is not the first sighting of the ash borer beettles in New York and probably not the last. Previous sightings were located at West Point Military Academy and last summer, the beetle turned up in the town of Catskill, Greene County, and in Ulster County in the lower Hudson Valley.

About the Emerald Ash Borer Beetles:

Description: Adults are roughly 3/8 to 5/8 inch long with metallic green wing covers and a coppery red or purple abdomen.

Affects: This Asian beetle infests and kills North American ash species including green, white, black and blue ash. Signs of infection include tree canopy dieback, yellowing, and browning of leaves. Most trees die within 2 to 4 years of becoming infested

Signs: Adult beetles leave distinctive D-shaped exit holes in the outer bark of the branches and the trunk.

Time of Year: They may be present from late May through early September but are most common in June and July.

Please note: If you have ash trees, stop and learn more before you act. The potential threat of emerald ash borer beetle (EAB) is real; however, acting without understanding the specific threat to your trees, regulations and quarantines, and your options, could cause the unnecessary loss of treasured shade trees, or loss of substantial income from your woodlot. For more information, please contact the NYDEC.

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