Ticks: Vector of Lyme Disease

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In a recent segment on FOX 23 News featured tick safety. The Health Minute: Lyme Disease features great information about ticks, that all people living in and around the Capital Region should know. Check out the video:

Most New York residents are aware that this year, tick populations are going to be heavier than normal. Tick populations are on the rise, not due to the mild weather, but acorn populations. Ticks are no stranger to Clifton Park and the Capital Region. Ticks can transmit diseases like, Rocky Mounted Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease. Learn how to prevent ticks and remove a tick from our previous blog posts.

Thomas Pest Services, your tick control expert wants to protect your health, family, friends, children, pets and property from these scary critters. Thomas Pest Services, a local, family owned pest management company who specializes in tick services seasonally and prior to events to reduce mosquito and tick populations. Contact us by phone 1-877-518-2847, email, twitter, or facebook for your free estimate and inspection today.

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