The Trouble With Cluster Flies

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Cluster flies are hard to get rid of, especially if your neighborhood is prone to them. Even if you seal up cracks and crevices in your roofline, repair damaged screens, and replace loose or missing shingles, you may still have trouble with infestations.

Are the flies in my house cluster flies?

Cluster flies are slightly larger than house flies, and darker in color, with gold colored hairs on their thorax. They don't sting or bite, and they don't carry disease as readily as a house fly, but they're still nasty to have around, because they usually appear in disturbing quantities. After all, one fly is enough to keep you up later with a rolled up newspaper, or fly swatter.

How did I get cluster flies?

Cluster flies are parasitic. They lay their eggs in soil, and when the eggs hatch, the larva burrow into earthworms. In fall they emerge by the thousands, looking for the highest warmest place they can find, and that is usually your attic. They're especially attracted to white houses, and you can typically find them swarming around the south or west side, searching for where warm air is exiting the home. It doesn't take much of a gap for those little suckers to get in. And, once they're in, it is a nasty job to get them out.

How do I get rid of cluster flies?

You can try to rid your house of these pests with a vacuum. But usually the core of the problem is in the attic, where thousands of flies are nesting for the winter. Rather than tackle this on your own, it's better to call in a professional pest control company. Click here if you'd like to learn more about Thomas Pest Services and our pest control services for Albany and the Capital District.

Here at Thomas, we encourage homeowners to become experts in prevention. We recommend sealing off any and all potential entry points where these pests might sneak in. You should also replace torn door and window screens and implement common sense sanitation practices.

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