The Importance Of Professional Pest Control For Cockroaches

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Did you know that cockroaches can hold their breath for over 30 minutes? They can also survive a week without their heads! Cockroaches have some pretty incredible if unappealing, attributes, all of which aid in their survival.
Some speculate that cockroaches were around even before dinosaurs. If that’s the case, cockroaches have this survival thing down. The bad news about this is that we don’t want them surviving in our homes. Cockroaches inside our buildings threaten our safety. They’re known to spread over 30 types of harmful bacteria and diseases! If these pests have entered your home, it’s important to get them out as soon as possible.
A common question people ask is “why?”. What makes you the unlucky winner of a cockroach invasion?
The two most common reasons cockroaches enter a home are:
  • To find a source of water or food.
  • Simply because there was a way in. 
If there’s an opening that allows cockroaches to enter your home, chances are they’ll use it if they come across it. However, they can also be introduced to homes inside boxes or packages. You may find more of the answers you’re looking for in our blog, Why Do I Have Cockroaches In My Albany Home?
We’ve established that cockroaches are pretty hardy pests. Winter doesn’t slow them down much, either. As long as they have water and a place to dwell (such as sewers or basements), they will continue breeding throughout the colder months. In fact, they usually enter homes during this time and remain until forced to leave. The worst part is that cockroaches are skilled at staying under the radar.

Professional Pest Services

Though tempting, DIY methods can be ineffective and even more hazardous to your health. The most effective way to protect your home is with professional pest control.  At Thomas Pest Services, we can’t stress enough how important professional pest control is when dealing with cockroaches. We know how hazardous they are to your health, and how important it is to eliminate them as soon as possible. They're capable of spreading multiple diseases, parasites, and bacteria. Professionals will be able to identify which pests have invaded, how they likely gained access to your home, and will successfully remove the pests. The result? No more worrying for homeowners!
At Thomas Pest, our goal is to keep your home pest free. We know how important it is to eliminate invasions that pose threats to you, your family, and your home. Our experienced technicians will successfully remove cockroaches from your home, and protect against future pests. We offer pest control you can trust, with fast services that are guaranteed. Reach out to get your free estimate!

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