The Effects of Pesticides

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Pesticides continue to play an important role in pest management services. When used according to label directions by trained and licensed professionals they provide many benefits. However, if pesticides are misused they may pose a risk or hazard to client safety and the environment. In today’s world, pesticides are not used alone in combatting pest control problems, but they still have their place. Below are common questions asked by customer in regards to the effects of pesticides.

Customer Question: Are the products you use around my home safe?

Thomas Pest Services: There is always some risk associated with an insecticide application, but Thomas Pest Services places your safety first. Thomas Pest Services follows all label directions which helps control the pests, while limiting our exposure to the insecticide. Technicians wear safety equipment to reduce their exposure when handling the product. To reduce your exposure, products are applied in accordance to label directions in the proper areas. These steps keep your exposure to the product to a minimum. To further reduce your exposure, before an application your technician will notify you of any preparations or precautions to take. Always notify your technician of young children, pets or pregnancy in the home.

Customer Question: How will the pesticides you use around my home affect the environment?

Thomas Pest Services: The pesticide labels list specific precautions and directions for use that when followed will reduce risk to the environment. But, before using any pesticides, your technicians will inspect your property to determine the extent of your pest problem and what will be needed to manage the pest(s). While doing the inspection, of your home and property your technician is determining if extra precautions are needed. Water sources like nearby streams or lakes, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, bird feeders, children toys, proximity to your neighbors are considered. Based on the information gathered, the best plan and product(s) for the job — ones that will cause the least risk to the environment. I also will advise you on steps you can take to help me solve your pest problem.

Customer Question: Do you use “green” products?

Thomas Pest Services: “Green” has a different meaning to everyone. In regards to pest control, “green” can mean, green pest control products, non-toxic methods, taking steps to avoid pests, using mechanical devices to prevent pests to name a few. Once you define your definition of “green,” we can provide clarity to our green pest control means.

Customer Question: Well, I’ve heard that natural products are safer than synthetic chemicals. Is that true?

Thomas Pest Services: We use both natural and synthetic pesticides. Natural products have been used to manage pests for many years and some of these products are still available and effective. Recently, there has been more interest in natural products because of concerns about the safety of synthetic pesticides. Both natural and synthetic products range widely in their toxicity. We compare a product’s toxicity by looking at the product’s signal word and always try to select products that are lowest in toxicity.

Finally, it’s not only the products that we select that are important, but it’s how the products are applied. As pest management professionals, we apply the products in a way that minimizes your exposure and thus your risk from pesticide use. Extensive research and development work is required to bring a new pesticide to the marketplace. Pesticides must pass extensive testing as required by the U.S. EPA. Thomas Pest Service’s services are based on much more than applying pesticide. Customer cooperation is usually required in solving a pest problem. For example, sanitation improvements will likely result in reduced pesticide use in and around your property. Thomas Pest Services is your Saratoga NY Pest Removal Specialist along with protecting homes and families throughout the Capital Region area. Contact Thomas Pest Services for a no charge consultation today!

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