Stink Bugs

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With the days becoming longer and warmer spring will be here before we know it. As the temperatures increase, insects are waking up and showing themselves. Overwintering pests are very common this time of year emerging from wall voids and attic spaces after nesting inside all winter. Overwintering pests like stink bugs will congregate around windows, sunny/south sides of the home.

What do stink bugs look like?

  • Stink bugs are mottled grayish-brown.
  • Stink bugs are ¾ inch long and triangular or shield shaped.

Why do I have stink bugs?

Adult stink bugs enter homes and other structures in the late fall to seek shelter from the winter weather. Stink bugs in the winter are caused from stink bugs are reemerge from overwintering sites in early spring and try to exit, but sometimes enter living spaces. Like overwintering insects, stink bugs will congregate on the south side of the structure where the sun is prevalent.

Do stink bugs really smell?

  • Yes, stink bugs emit an odor from the pores on the sides of their as a defense against predators.

Do stink bugs bite?

  • Stink bugs are not known to bite humans, but be cautious as stink bugs can emit an odor.

How do you prevent stink bugs?

  • Seal cracks around windows, doors, electrical outlets, ceiling fans and light switches.
  • Replace outdoor lighting with yellow bulbs, which are less attractive to stink bugs and other pests.
  • Repair damaged window screens, this applies to attic screens and crawlspace vents.
  • Use a vacuum to get rid of stink bugs indoors. Seal vacuum’s contents in a plastic bag and dispose immediately.
  • Do not spray over the counter insecticide in your home as it is ineffective and not necessary.
  • If an infestation develops, contact a stink bug removal professional promptly.
  • Remember a licensed pest professional can pre-treat structures for stink bugs to prevent stink bugs before they become a problem.

If overwintering pests like asian lady beetles, boxelder beetles, cluster flies, rodents and stink bugs are waking up this spring, try our tips above or contact Saratoga NY pest professional. If your Chatham NY home requires cluster fly removal or stink bug removal contact Thomas Pest Services for a no charge consultation today!


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