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Squirrels - there a certainly many of them here in the Capital Region. Looking out my office window, Albany squirrels keep busy running around collecting food and chasing each other on a daily basis. Squirrels may look cute, but they can be a nuisance! Homeowners in Upstate NY may find squirrels trying to find access into the home, so it is important to contact a professional for squirrel removal.

Squirrels during the winter, will be most active between dawn and mid- day, so hearing noises during the day can indicate grey squirrels. During September through February squirrels are “denning.” Dens usually consist of leaf nests made of twigs, leaves, grasses and even paper or cloth. A typical den could house 8-10 squirrels (red or grey squirrels). Depending on the weather, the squirrel may not leave the nest for days, but does not hibernate.

When homeowners find squirrels in the attic, take action!

  • Squirrels chew wires and other electrical cords creating risk for fire.
  • Squirrels create damage by chewing their way inside creating physical damage.
  • Squirrels create sanitation issues with their urine and droppings contaminating insulation and creating a mess with materials to create a home.
  • Squirrels can introduce secondary pests like fleas into the home.

Here in NY, especially the Albany NY and Clifton Park NY area, we are home to many breeds of squirrels. Although winter is here, squirrels will continue to be active during the winter. This unfortunately means they will come inside in search of food and shelter in our attics and crawl spaces. Like we mentioned before, squirrels do not belong inside because they are a nuisance and hazard.

To prevent squirrels from getting inside:

  • Inspect the exterior of your structure for cracks, holes, or loose materials where squirrel or other animals or rodents can sneak inside.
  • Seal any of these areas to prevent squirrels, rodents or other pests from entering the structure.
  • Inspect vents, chimney areas and broken screens as these are popular entry points too.
  • Trim branches and tree limbs so they do not touch the structure as squirrels can use trees to gain access to your structure.
  • Eliminate food sources, such as bird feeders, pet food or trash.
  • Bird feeders are like a buffet for squirrels along with uneaten pet food. Make sure trash cans are tightly sealed so they do not attract unwanted guest.
  • Contact Thomas Pest Services to assist in properly sealing holes to pest proof your structure.

Wildlife removal is not a “do it yourself” task. Getting rid of wildlife are animals that can bite, carry and spread disease, why a professional wildlife removal specialist should handle the task. If you hear the pitter patter of feet in your walls or attic, be proactive! Wildlife can quickly take over a structure to shelter themselves from the outdoor elements. Contact your Albany wildlife removal company to prevent any damages before they can begin. The Clifton Park wildlife removal experts at Thomas Pest Services can help you today with squirrel removal, get a free inspection today!

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